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Fruit sensitivity

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Back in 2007, I started having issues with orange juice and other citrus. I didn't think anything of it because I had just changed allergy meds. Later that year, I was diagnosed with tonsil cancer. After surgery and treatment, I could have citrus again. I read online somewhere (although I can't find it now) that citrus sensitivity is a symptom of tonsil cancer


Jump to summer of 2012. This is when I started having a sore throat and swallowing issues due to radiation scar tissue.Eventually, I couldn't handle fruit anymore, because it hurt my mouth too much. 


December 2013, by this time, even ranch dressing and Greek yogurt is painful. And, I was diagnosed with cancer again. (wasn't radiation scar tissue after all)


Today, I had my first soft food after surgery and my rebuilt esophagus - Greek yogurt. Yesterday, I had cranberry juice. No pain whatsoever. 


Did any of you experience this kind of sensitivity before diagnosis?  If it happens to me again, I am going to insist on a PET. 

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My problems with fresh fruit came after treatment.  My doctors listen to me now as I seem to find the cancer before them.  Frequently didn't show (or poorly read locally) on scans.

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I never had any sensitivity to drinks until after rads.  Now, soda and fruit juice give me a thrill.  Even when I had a cancer ulcer on my tongue (before I knew) nothing bothered me.  I do not know anything about the correlation between tonsil cancer and orange juice.

I think it was just our misfortune to get cancer, why any of us.

Bless you,


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Citrus, hot peppers, cognac, etc., I don't see a difffernce. They can all contribute to the same condition, that is eroding the tissue lining which makes fertile ground for cancer to begin. Add a carcinogen and the seed is planted. If you were HPV positive it didn't matter in your case? For the record I enjoyed citrus prior to cancer and cannot really tolerate citrus anymore post treatment as it burns slightly. I attribute the burning to the radiation damge. I'm in full agreement that we can be our own best diagnosticians. 

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Congrats on getting soft food down! I still have trouble with most fruits but have found that I can do melons without any trouble, might want to try them. 

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Went to the doctor today - He gave me the go-ahead to eat anything I want.

So - microwave popcorn this afternoon.

A (1) ravioli with tomato sauce, and fresh green beans (which I never would have eaten before).

So much better than tube feeding.  I had been on continuous feed in the hospital and at home.  I'll keep all the supplies though, because if I need radiation, I'm sure I'll be back on tube feedings.

So excited though - it was actually easier to get the food down than the milk and water.


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so happy you got the "go ahead"!  now eat until your little belly is full.  a good place to go now is a buffet, u can try many foods and if you don't like one, go to the next.  enjoy!!

God bless you,


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