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Dozens of Rac****s eating Doritos

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I found this on Facebook dont know if link will work but hope it provides some smiles for everyone who can connect



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the recent cancer stuff Smile

I don't use facebook ... but a friend did send me this youtube link for this video because I always have so many raccoons eating the bird seed I put out.

Here's the link for those who don't have facebook:


Also, pretty weird but it looks like the site has an automatic word bleeper that replaces what it thinks might be derogaory or offensive language.

Peace. ~ Cynthia


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I've never seen so many raccoons in one place! I live in the boonies and have never seen so many together. Thanks for the chuckle. It made me smile! :)


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are they censoring raccoons!  

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I don't get FaceBook so will miss out on all of the fun.

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Who knew R A C C O O N S were a dirty word??  LMAO, fun trivia for the day.

Winter Marie

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This is the yoube link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBXbfpP2vDM



I loved it!


Best Always,  mike

PS  Thanks for sharing!

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I just showed this to Laurie.  She laughed very hard.  She said, Maybe they all have been smoking some pot and they have the munchies!   lol   (Just a joke.)


Best Always,  mike

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We have had numerous run-ins with racoons because of our dog, and those things may be cute, but man, they are vicious.  One little female grabbed ahold of my dog by the tail with her teeth, then proceeded to claw his sides with her cute little paws (which happen to have incredibly sharp claws on them).  You've never heard a pooch screech so loud.  My husband came running and the dang racoon went for him.  I would pay good money to have pictures of him trying to fend the beast off with a Lil' Tykes kid soccer goal.

And to this day the dog goes nuts if anyone says the "R" word.

Here he is on patrol (the "incident" happened right outside this window):

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Love you dog pic!   We had Poms for 15 years.   What great little dogs!


Best Always   mike

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I don't know what's funnier the video or that they censored the middles of a word!  raccoons.  raccoons. raccoons. raccoons. raccoons. raccoons. raccoons.raccoons. raccoons. raccoons. raccoons. raccoons. raccoons. raccoons. raccoons. na na na na na na, you can't stop me.

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