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Special Diet for PET scan?

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The PET scan has been rescheduled for tomorrow for my hubby (one week earlier). They told him to eat proteins & veggies, no sugar, no starch or processed foods for the evening before meal. Is this standard? Just curious.

Please send up prayers for NED.

Thank you.


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I had same instructions

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I have had many PET scans and always given instructions for eating--meat, veg, no sugars, carbs for the day before.

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yes no carbs before test and I was told to not eat for 6 hours before test . 

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A good steak if he can handle it....


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jim and i
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Yep, same instructions


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He can handle a steak. That would be a nice treat for him. Hope the tastebuds work at least a little. 

Thanks a bunch for all your help and thoughts.


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cindy, praying for ned,

God bless,


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I always had a hamburger pattie and some green beans the night before the scan....nothing after midnight but water.  They don't want sugars and carbs screwing it up.


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D Lewis
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At my last PET CT, Stanford didn't give me the dietary instructions - only told me to fast for six hours or so beforehand.  I asked if there were certain foods I should avoid, and they said it wasn't necessary any more, that it did not appear to make a difference.  I avoided the foods anyway.


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Pet scan done, ENT appointment Friday.  Now...do we want to look at the scans or wait until the appointment on Friday...hmmmm

He enjoyed his steak.  Went to the local butcher shop and got some grass fed ribeyes.  Nice treat!  Great suggestion!!


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Ask for a copy of the scan, I have all of mine and I learned to read them quite well, it helps me when the doctor is trying to explain something on it. This way I am also better informed and know what he is talking about and can ask questions about something I don’t understand.

God Bless


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I don't recall any dietary restrictons? There is the fasting requirement and they always test blood sugar beforehand.

MOJO sent for NED!

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