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bleeding but in a different place

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Hi everyone! Now I have another issue. I've been having sexual difficulties,meaning it hurts a lot. I use a dialtor and sometimes I forget to use it but mostly I do. (I'm 1 year post treatment). So my man and I have been trying and things were getting a little better until he went up higher and Oh boy it hurt terribly. It felt raw. Sorry if I"m too explicted. I don't know how else to put it :) Anyway, I have a little bleeding now. Is this normal? At 55 I didn't think I would end up a virgin all over again lol

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ok...for me, it was soooooo painful and i used my dilators almost every day.....but we are all different...... i have finally been able to have ok intercourse with out as much pain....after 4 years..yes, 4 years.....ur  bleeding is coming from scraping or pulling on fried tissue or perhaps a small tear in tissue..... my tissue around labia would tear just from wiping for a urine test....had to be extra careful....gynocologist said to put estrace cream on area where torn ....helps healing....  sephie

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How inspirational Sephie!  Good for you!


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Yes. I'm just barely a year out and I still bleed some. Doesn't hurt a lot but I definitely bleed.


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