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PET scan...feet first?

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 Claustrophobic about up coming pet scan.(date to  be determined.) A friend suggested seeing if I could go in feet first. Having less time with my head inside machine. She has been through one herself. It did not bother her very much.

 Scan for my neck to my lower back. Maybe down to my legs I don't know yet. Having severe pain in those areas.

 Wondering if anyone has feedback about the pet scan feet first idea?

 Over the phone the girl told me it gets kind of bunched up at the end. It is supposed to be a donut shaped machine. I don't understand how to get bunched up at the end.

 Anyway the less time with my head inside, the better for me.

 Thank you,


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The MRI is a tube, but the CT is a donut shape you go through it. It should be just fine. It is NOT enclosed try to relax and you will do just fine.


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I would ask for Valium or something. I took something for everad test and radiation treatment. Thedoctors would say I don't need it because it's only for a few minutes. But I insisted and used it every time. 

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Ask to have the mirror on the head gear, this will allow you to see out of the machine. It is the only way I can do a PET or MRI, without it they need to put me to sleep in order to a scan. Also while scanning I am praying or have my mind on something else, it helps to make to time go faster.

As Bill said if it is just a CT, that is a breeze just a big oversized donut    

Will keep you in pray that all goes well with the PET and that you get a NED


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Like mentioned, it's similar to a donut shape.., actually my newer one is like two donuts butted together and it's twice as fast, around 25 minutes versus 45 minutes...

Also, like mentioned, a Xanax or similar will help if all else fails.

I just look behind me, eyes toward the top of my head. I can see out of the machine, so it doesn't bother me..


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I honestly think once you see the machine, you're going to breathe a sigh of relief....the doughnut is huge....not at all like an MRI.  Also, it moves up and down your body, so it's never in one place all that long.


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