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Concerned tests. Now what?

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Hello everyone. I am new here and hoping to get some opinions about some recent tests. Here is a quick timeline of whats been going on.  

Prior history- Ablation in 2011 to remove endometriosis, ovarian cyst removed, 4 previous abnormal paps. Tubes tied in 2000. No period since 2011. Experienced significant weight loss over the last 3 months. 38 pounds to be exact.

October 2013- Sudden severe back pain ended me in the ER. Given pain meds and injection. Five days later pain relieved.

Two weeks later-back in the hospital with more back pain, unable to walk. Lower abdominal and severe hip pain. MRI of neck back and hip all clear. DX with spasms and sciatica (despite clear MRI)

November 2013- severe bruising and pain through back and legs- sent to rhuematologist who did tons of blood work. All negative except for very low vitamin D levels. Based on pain he DX me with Lupus, Rhuematoid arthritis, fibromyalgia. Gave several meds. Took meds for one week and stopped seeing the dr because I felt dx was wrong and primary agreed. 

one week later- ER visit for pelvic and back pain. Culture came back negative, Ultrasound showed a cyst on rt ovary. No other abnormalities

January 2014, had a CT done and showed a liver cyst, the ovarian cyst had grown, umbilical hernia now present, and now possible uterine fibroids. Hernia causing problems so referred to a General surgeon. Appt is this thursday.

February 2014. Upper and lower abdominal pain still present. US shows cyst is now complicated, several uterine fibroids. Gave me meds for indigestion. Primary sending me to a GYN.

Should I be concerned that all the sudden medical issues could be cancer? My mother has thyroid cancer, my aunt died of lung cancer, my sister has cervical cancer cells present, and several other cancers run high in my family. 

I have had cysts most of my life but they come and go or rupture. But this is the first time that it has been a solid mass and now the "fibroids" have grown rather rapidly and a liver cyst, or as the test stated "more than likely a liver cyst." I am 36 yrs old and just 6 months ago I was very active. Now I am tired all the time although I rarely get much rest raising 5 teens. 

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You are absolutely right to take your symptoms seriously and seek answers. I would definitely follow up with GYN and if he suggests prophylactic hysterectomy / oophorectomy - at least consider it. Also ask for CA125 blood test. Don't jump to conclusion that you have cancer. Ovarian cancer is rather rare in general population and has nothing to do with family history of thyroid or lung cancer or with cervical dysplasia.

Good luck to you!

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