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Clinical Trial-Ipilumab & Nivolumab

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Well, after waiting some 4-5 months I finally got all the go heads from the Doctor, Cancer Center, Insurance Company, and the Sponsor. I signed my contract about two weeks ago and tomorrow I start the trial. Get both Ipilumab and Nivolumab every three (3) weeks for 4 sessions.then only one of the two drugs every three weeks. I got into the trial becuase I have metstatic stage 4 Renal Cell Carcanoma and have not taken any prior meds. Just surgery. Had the left kidney and renal gland removed 5 years ago.Have also had skin and prostate cancer both treated with surgery.

"I have walked into this tunnel three times before. Each time what I saw at the end of the tunnel was a light that god sent. As I enter that very same tunnel for a 4th time I hope that god sends me that very same light and pray that it is not an on coming train"

I send out nothing but good thoughts and prayers to all those that visit this site and wish you nothing but the best!




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Go DB Go..!!  Praying you get great results..!


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You've been very fortunate with your cancer treatments. And now you are going to get the BEST stuff out there. We expect Great reports. Good for you!

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Best of luck to you and godspeed - BDS

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You are very lucky to be in that trial. In my opinion, that is the best trial going for RCC. Good Luck!


I am alive
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 Congratulations on getting into the trial. Please keep us posted. We expect the best for you!

Smile. Today is a great day!Cool

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Well, the computer program that randomly assigns how much of each drug I get assigned me the max for both. They told me that there haven’t been too many trial participants that were assigned the max so any history of side effects and success rates are minimal. Today was my first day of infusion and I must say it went very well. Yes I am tired and yes I had a small period of time that I was extremely cold but got some warm blankets that we wrapped around my shoulders and body and then I quickly napped. It’s been about 3 hours since I have been home and I took another small nap and I ache a bit but that’s it so far. I think I am rather lucky at this point.

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Geat to hear you have your first infusion under your belt. rest up, my bet is that you will feel 100% in the morning.


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Exciting news. Positive thoughts coming your way.

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"I send out nothing but good thoughts and prayers to all those that visit this site and wish you nothing but the best!"  Late to the party because I was away, but wanted to saywhat goes around comes around, ALL THE BEST RIGHT BACK ATCHA!!!  You Rock!!!

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I hope you are doing well. Do you knwhether her this trial is still recruiting patients?

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