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It's baaaccckk...UPDATE

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Biopsy completed Tuesday, needle biopsy thank goodness.  After nearly having a nervous breakdown, I finally got the call Friday about 5pm.  Cancer was found in the samples.  Wow!  Have appointment Tuesday to find out all the details.  Already know it will be chemo just not sure what..per my onc everyone is puzzled since it skipped the liver and went to the nodes instead.  So we are in limbo until Tuesday.  I go in tomorrow morning to have my gallbladder removed.  Been lots of tears and worry, my children even though they are grown (30s) are worried about their mama.  anyway..anyone else have colon cancer go straight to nodes?


Thank you all


UPDATE 2/14/14

Gallbladder out, it was really bad.  Will have PET scan on the 21st.  Being referred to MD Anderson.  Was given average survival rate of 2 to 8 years..I'm really wanting 15 :)  Resigned from job.  My grands,  Kalie and Hunter, will only be 13 and 16 in 2 years so 2 years is just not an option :)

It's not lymphoma, same cancer cells as before..so many questions, not enough answers I want to hear :)  Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.


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I'm so sorry Debbie.  Seems like you have a good sense of humor and a positive disposition which I'm sure will be a big advantage as you take this recurrence.  

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there is a group there that calls themselves the "Olymphians".  They have a thread where just this situation is discussed, so it might be worth checking that out for more info.

Sending lots of good thoughts and hopes for strength your way~AA

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I am sorry to hear that Debbie. It looks like we are getting thrown back into the fight together. Stay strong and positive.

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We are sorry to hear that the cancer has a reoccurence.  Some cancers go for the nodes and some for other organs.  Being in the nodes will limit which types of cancer it is. 


We re sending our thoughts and pprayers for your continued strength!


Best Always, mike

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I hope you get a good plan of action and get NED again. I will be thinking about you, please update us on your plan.

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