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Electric shock sensations and pain in neck, arms and ribs?

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This site is amazing and a wealth of support and information. Thank you.

My husband is 10 weeks out of the usual, intense chemo and radiation treatments. He is doing fairly well - had the PEG tube yanked, literally, (it hurt!!) about 4 weeks ago. He continued to lose a little weight but seems to have stabilized now. His throat still hurts when he eats - energy is low.

Something that is concerning us is he is having intense electric shock-like, painful sensations that are on both sides of his body - inside of his arms, behind ears, even on his chest. 


Anyone experience anything like this?





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D Lewis
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Yes, just about all of us went through this, at the end of treatment.  Google "Lhermitte's sign."  It will fade with time. Lasted several months for me. 


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I got buzzed a few times, but it faded away.  I seemed to have a slight stiff neck, more often now that pre-C.  The new and improved version of Matt still has some quirks I am working on.


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"Ice Picks" That's what I call them. It could be (peripheral) neuropathy. I get them in my feet and my neck where I had surgery. Also in various places on my torso and lower extremities. I also have RLS, again from chemo (Cisplatin). I was put back on Gabapentin in a lower dosage (300mg 3x a day) and it's helped a lot. I've been off narcotics since September but take Tramadol daily to alleviate pain. 

Check with your team. This may be the same thing I'm experiencing and it can be treated. 

Positive thoughts and prayers




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If what you mention is noticed primarily when he bends his head forward, touching his chin to his chest...

Welcome to the club... :)

L'Hermettes Sign/Syndrome


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I don’t get them as much as I once did, but every now and then they let me know they are still there. It gets better with time or you just get use to it, not sure what one it is.


All the best in your new normal you.Wink


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If I didn't belong to this forum, I would never have known what Lhermitte's sign was...not one Dr. ever mentioned this little side effect....it lasted for about 4 months, then gradually went away.


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I guess I am still a club member. This has just finally nearly gone away. For me the shock went down to the base of my spine and into my thighs like siatica. I mentioned to doctors and none gave me a good answer. I kept thinking it was due to the fact I sit in front of a monitor 10 hours a day. With a stiff neck, I do a lot of neck exercises to keep it loose, just figured it was related to that.



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