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Nodule 9,66 mm mediastinum

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Hi! I'm new to the forum. I don't know exactly where to post this topic. 

I came here to look for information and opinions. I have had several symptoms and signs, that the last years have advanced, but the doctors I had seen have been of very little or any help. 

I wanted to ask If somebody could tell me or has had the same: 

I had a chest tomography in 2012. I experience pain in the chest, in the neck (inside the neck) my face is swollen, tremmors, feel pressure in my eyes, headaches, the chest pain can be really really bad, pain in bones, etc., I've been struggling with health issues since 6 years ago. (I recently turned 32 y.o) So it's been a nightmare without answers of what's going on. 

The Chest Scan report says this: 

The thyroid gland is unable to identify correlated with history. (I still have my thyroid gland). In mediastanum thymic observed and rest on top of a nodular topography image is identified with diameter of 9.6 mm with solid attenuation value of 40 Hounsfield units.

In the rest of the spaces mediastinal lymph nodes were not observed, the assessment of the pulmonary hila is difficult because it is a single-phase study. The thoracic aorta of normal size, normal heart size.

I'm concerned with this CT Scan report, what's the 9,6 mm nodule? Is it normal? 

I don't know with which doctor go/visit to check this test, nodule out... 

Any input, I'll appreciate it. 

Thank you. 


And sorry for my weird english. 

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