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Post surgery update

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Well I'm typing in this update from my I Phone. The surgery was a success. The doctor told me he looked all through my abdomen and did an ultrasound of the liver. Only the single tumor was found and removed. No need to remove my gallbladder either. 


Once again the epidural is working some magic -- no pain. I have been extremely tired and still haven't walked yet. I did get up and out of bed for a bit. And that felt good to do.


My wife Connie and brother George went to eat lunch so I thought I would use this quiet time to post this quick update. 


Thank you all for the prayers and positive energy. Please keep the prayer power flowing, it truly does make a difference.


I really want them to remove the drain from my stomach. It is very uncomfortable and it's hurting my throat but I know they will do what's best.


All the nurses and aids are awesome and we are being treated very nicely. And I think I received a frequent flyer perk - I'm in my own room.


God bless you all.





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so glad you are feeling like posting thanks for the update i have been thinking of you.sounds like all went well in surgery and i sure will keep the prayers flowing get some rest and dont forget to walk....Godbless....johnnybegod

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Good to see you! Prayers are still coming...hang in there and feel better soon!! Take advantage of all those "free" saltines and Graham crackers :)

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Double post..oops!

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Triple...or three times the prayers

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Thanks for posting. I was surprised to see you posting this soon. Great news. The tube will come out soon. I will continue to pray for you.

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Already posting and changing your profile pic...I'm impressed!  Cancer has a serious fight on its grubby mitts with you, dude.

So glad that there was just the one spot, too.  That's excellent news.

Now keep on getting better and get home soon.   

Hugs and healing thoughts~AA

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Hey Phil.  I'm not surprised that you came through it with flying colors.  Hope you get home soon.  So glad that it went well.

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As hard as it is now, I wish you a quick recovery.


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Glad to see you post & even with a smile on your face! Such good news from the doc & I hope your healing will be swift & as painless as possible.



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Heal well and wishing you all the best during recovery!  


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'You're the man!'

Loving your post op picture. How wonderful to 'see' you. And wonderful to hear your good report. 

Don't you worry, prayers will continute to flow your way. 

You have made my day. I am shedding tears of joy for you. 

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Love the picture. I'm so happy that there was only one spot. When I had my surgery my Md also did an ultrasound while in surgery. It's a good feeling knowing that it was only one spot and an ultrasound proved it. I hope you get stronger everyday and feel better surgery is over.

Cathleen Mary
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You are amazing, Phil!  So happy for the good news....one spot.  Be assured of continued prayers. Enjoy the epidural; hope the drain is out soon.

Glad that you are now in the recovery phase.



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Phil glad to hear thing are going well.

Heal fast and be pain free would be my wish for you.



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Feel better soon.


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Hey Phil - so glad it went well and is done.  Best on your recovery.  You look pretty good in the pic.  Not bad for a surgery picture. 

Keep us posted.

Take care of yourself.

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So wonderful it was in just one spot!  Whooo Hooo.

You should be up and walking the next day with no problem.  I remember walking the first day on my last liver surgery but only because I was confused from the drugs and thought it was the second day, otherwise I would have stayed in bed!

Do your walking, get plenty of rest, use the pain relief they provide, drink plenty of fluids, and we'll see you out of there in a few days.

Winter Marie

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Nana b
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Piece of cake!  

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