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Waiting Game

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HI Everyone!


After my surgery in June 2013 at UCSD, I have been recovering.   I have been getting stronger, had a great year with my wife, a good gardening year, we got a newer car, and over all life is good.


I had a follow up CT/PT and then a colonoscopy in October 2013.   The Surgeon told us to see my oncologist immediately.  We went to see Dr. Lenz at USC.   He told us all of my blood tests the biopsies from the colonoscopy were all negative, and if I was feeling good then I should be healthy!  Then he asked me to take a group of tests at USC to set a new baseline for normal for me.  Several trips to SoCal, many expenses later, and today was the final colonoscopy, needle biopsies, and bloood tests.


Now the waiting game.....   We have the follow up appointment with Dr. Lenz on the 20th Feb to find out if I am healthy, or if somehting was really there.  I feel good, but there is always that little voice in our heads, is everything alright?


We are sure everything is fine.  I feel strong, and feel healthy.  It is just there is always that little fear.


Best Always,  mike

PS Keep fighting the good fight!

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glad your feeling good i hope the best for you i know you have changed your diet good for you i just could not keep that going and the cancer is growing in me so much trying to change my diet now i think would be a waist im just eating whatever i feel like which isnt much these days.i really admire you for all you have done keep up the good fight...Godbless...johnnybegood

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You are so careful with your diet, a great example to us all. 

I will be waiting along with you and your wife, for your results on the 20th. 


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Glad to hear you are feeling good.  I pray all your test results are good.

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Thinking of you. ~ Cynthia

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That all sounds wonderful. Just like what your tests will do, we all have to set a new normal in our lives. 

God bless both of you and can't wait to hear some more good news.


Cathleen Mary
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We wait with you, Mike.  And, we all hate waiting!  Glad you are feeling well. Hopefully, the 20th will be reason to put that little voice to rest.


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Mike it sounds like you are healthy with an improved lifestyle that is much healthier for you.

The 20th should be a cakewalk.



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So this means you are well and all is good and they are just getting baseline for the new you?

Sounds great!  Love it!

Winter Marie

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It's so hard but you'e already seen Dr. Lenz once to reassuring news.  I hope you get the same news on the 20th!  You've done so much to fight this with diet and exercise, it's admirable!  I wish I'd get off my butt again and start exercising.

I hope you have great news on the 20th.  Traci

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