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So I had another birthday. My 6th since DX

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Nana b
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CEA STILL COMIMG DOWN.  Yes!,  SCAN In 4 weeks.   Hope to kick butt this time too. 


Here's to another year, and a few more birthdays!   My grand kids have declared my birthday a national holiday.  Lol. 

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I hope you had a wonderful day. And may you have many, many more birthdays with your family (and us). 

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Lots of happy birthday wishes from me.

The site posted double, not me. 

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Peace. ~ Cynthia

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I am so happy for you! Hoping you ALWAYS have clear scans! Best birthday present ever! Happy birthday!


Cathleen Mary
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I'm with your grand kids.  Do we get a day off for this new national holiday?  A very Happy Birthday and wishes and prayers for a clean scan.


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@Nanab: I wish you also a very happy birthday! And many many more!!! :)

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Six years is terrific for a stage IV - congrats! Here's to at least six more years!



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EAch time you celebrate a bithday afte cancer is a victory. hope your scan results will be good.

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And congrats!!!


Hugs, Kathi

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What better present the. Your CEA going down?  Whooo Hooo!!

Many more "national holidays" xoming your way, I'm sure!

Winter Marie

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Nana b
Posts: 3045
Joined: May 2009

Thanks all!  Definitely smiling! 

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Wonderful news!!!

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Thanks for being such a positive voice on the forum!   Congrats for making another landmark in the journey, named cancer.


We are sending our poitive thoughts and prayers for yet more great news and further healing on your next landmark test!


Best Always,  mike

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