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Olympics fans?

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Anyone else excited for the Olympics to begin? Anyone know an Olympian in past or present years, or dream of being an Olympian? Any special Olympic traditions? Favorite or least favorite events?

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Im looking forward to it. I like all of the skiing snow board events. I dont mind bobsledding and speed skating. You know me I like all of the extreme stuff.

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bits and pieces on the web because I don't have cable anymore.  It is so inspiring to see what folks can do with their bodies in space, especially the ski jumping. Now, that looks like a thrill. I hope they leave the political aspects out of it as much as possible so that we can just try to enjoy the beauty of the sports.

Peace. ~ Cynthia

Cathleen Mary
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I particularly love the beauty of the Winter Olympics.  Watching the opening ceremony now. Praying that all there are safe.


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When I was but a "babe in the woods", I enjoyed some figure skating at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs. As I wobbled around, I met Hayes Alan Jenkins who was a 4 time World Champion & 1956 Olympic Gold Medal winner.

I enjoy all the figure skating events, luge(crazy people!), & some of the skiing.



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Cool wolf (stupid spell check wont let me use your name)


I enjoy watching a bit of all the events.  Loved when we had cable yrs ago and they did the 3 channels , each with different events.

Last couple Olympics we planned out dinners a few times a week from a different country each time.  That was a fun way to try out some different recipes.

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