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Questions about my results

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Hello Friends!  I'm finally back, I had my surgery on January 22nd.  My gyno/oncol did not think my very large mass was going to be cancer, but unfortuntualty when he removed it during surgery and took it to the lab they said yes it was cancerous and he then went ahead and did a total hysterectomy.  The mass was totally encapsolated inside of the right ovary.  It was removed fully intact.  The doctor could not see or feel any thing that looked like the cancer had spread to any other organs or limp nodes. Today I got my staples out and went over the pathology report.  Everything he removed and biopsied came back as "no evidence of malignancy".  Yea!  He said I had a Grade 2 "moderately differentiated endometrioid adenocarcinoma with squamous differentiation".  it was Stage IA or accodoring to the Pathology Staging:  pT1aNXMn/a.  The Tumor was limited to one ovary; capsule intact, no tumor on ovarian surface, no malignant cells in ascites or peritoneal washings.  I am still trying to learn what exactly all of this staging and grades mean.  My doctor reccommended I have 6 rounds of chemo because of the large size of my mass and also because it had adheared to the side wall of my abnomen.  I will start chemo on Feb. 27th. Even though it did turn out to be cancer, I am gratful that it seems I got it out in the early stages, however I still am cautious and do not want to be too over confident.  I ask the doctor a million questions and it seems like I have a milion more as soon as I leave.  I try to learn as much as I can on the internet, but as I'm sure you all already know it is hard to sift through everything that is out there.  I appreciate and value all of your experiences and knowledge.  I would welcome any thoughts or infomration you have about any of this.  Big Love to all of you Ladies!!!!

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Hi Cindy:

Great news that they didn't find it in anything else.   Just to let you know, I had a hysterectomy and thereafter is when they found mine so they had to go back in for staging.  They didn't find anything else for me either (although it was in my uterus and left ovary).   I was staged at Grade 2, Stage IIIa. Endometrial Adenocarcinoma.   Just to give you positive thinking that was 8 years ago!    I did the chemo and then had 3 bracytherapies.    I had a port placed for the chemo.   Be careful on what websites you read on the internet.   Some are very outdated.  

My best to you.   Always stay positive!   This is doable!


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thanks so much for sharing Kaleena.  I really appreciate it.  I am going in next week to also get a port put in.  Hopefully that will not be that big of a deal, I just hate being put under.

what is bracytherapies?

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The port is no big deal.  A little weird, but it is fine.   Bracytherapy is high-dose radiation that is given internally through the vagina.   It is painless and quick each session.  It could feel a little embarrassing at first.

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Have them help you put your bra on ASAP afterwards.  It helps with the discomfort from the " tugging"

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I know, it's not fun getting a cancer diagnosis, but your outcome is superb!  I would have guessed Stage 1A also, but nonetheless, this is great news!  I had Stage 1C - although it was confined to one ovary, the tumor ruptured upon removal.  So, I had the 6 rounds of carbo/taxol.  Even though it's different for everyone, we do share common side affects to some extent, and can therefore offer some great suggestions while you are receiving treatment.

Love & (((HUGS))) Cindy!



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It sucks that you have cancer but to be stage 1A is terrific news!  Hopefully before your first chemo session, you will meet with a chemo nurse or someone similar who will explain the drugs you will be given, possible side effects, and ways to minimize the effects.  Please keep us posted and best wishes to you!


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glad they caught it in early stages. You will probably be on Carboplatin /Taxol for six cycles...best of luck and keep up posted...Val

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On all counts and only add that if you can speak with a dietician who specialize in helping cancer patients.  I was told by my chemo nurse to "push the protien" and I never thought I would always be able to eat until I got the chemo!  Take the best possible care of yourself.

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Glad to be done
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Hi Cindy.  What type of port are you getting?  If it a chest port you do not go under for that surgery.  They just give you something to relax but you are awake.   I did not have mine done at the hospital.  It was done at a same day surg i center.  IP ports you go into surgery.  Both were pretty easy.  After my IP port surgery I slept a lot.  Doc said it was probably because the surgery was so close to hysterectomy.

I used to write down all my questions for my doc.  You can ask us too... Every chemo is differeunt as are the side effects but we have all been or are going through it so we may be able to help.



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