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CSN Outage 7/29/21

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Okay, so about 8 weeks ago I found out I have a cancer that will kill me.  Not sure when, but it will do it.  Could be a yaer, could be 20.


So.  Why do I feel happy?  I swear, the first emotion I had was nearly euphoric.


That has since tempered, but still, what the heck?


Anyone else feel that liberating feeling?  Or am I just a bad man....  ;)



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This young man writes the best about what you are feeling: http://thebrainchancery.com/


I enjoy reading whatever he writes. 

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Joined: Feb 2014

For example, from The Brain Chancery:


"PS:  If you’ve got the cancer, and you’re worried about it, try writing about it.
Write anything.
And if you don’t know where to start, try just writing the word “cancer” with an exclamation point after it as many times as it takes to make you laugh out loud at least once.
Cancer!  Cancer!  Cancer!  (for me, it only took 3 times)"

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