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4 years today

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4 years ago today I was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer, I also had my bi-weekly visit with my onc today and we reminisced that he thought I had 3 weeks of time on this earth left at the mostback in February 2010, he mentioned no one wanted to touch me, I was glad he was willing.

Today I found out my chemo isn't working after getting a CT Scan on Tuesday, still have 4 that appeared in September scan which have all increased in size plus 3 new ones.  So going back to Oxi, Xeloda and Avastin and see if it works on these tumors. Let's hope, because I really don't have much more that can be done.

it's been a long road, but worth it, I've enjoyed the extra time on this earth, and hope I can get some more.  Onward ho.


Winter Marie

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Four years is much better than two weeks, but its not enough. I pray that your new set of treatments will help you along another four years. 

A long journey for you, and I'm glad that you have enjoyed them even though they must have been hard at times (probably many times). 

Virtual hugs!

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wow 4 years and is it not astounding to hear that people would not touch with a 10 foot pole and yet here we are.   I salute you dear girl......Winter Marie.....I have loved every second of you on this forum.....supportive combative funny....an absolute delight.....

on you go.....and thank you for being here


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4 years - that is fantastic!  congratulations to fellow stage IV.  i think the average for us (based on folks over 50, which is unfortunately where all the data is) is 2 years so you're ahead of the game.  Definitely celebrate!


Karin  Laughing

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even though you have had this combination before it seems it has been several years ago. Revisiting these may be the trick to put you back in remission because the new tumors will be surprised by this new attack.  Try not to borrow worry and give this a chance. I always think the longer one keeps things under some control, even if it is to hold back growth, the more chance that new treatments or options may come your way. I am saddened to hear there has been progression but cancer has not gotten the best of our Winter Marie. I will hold you in my special thoughts tonight and the weeks ahead as you have your new treatment.  I'm with you ... onward ho!

Peace and strength to you. ~ Cynthia


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So glad you're still here hanging around this website. You have been great encouragement for all of us. I hope you get 40 more years, lol!!!

Today my brother restarted his chemo. She has him on a lower does of chemo meds after his last fiasco. He's taking leucovorin and 5-FU (48 hours pump) every other week. She wants to ease him back into it and see how he fares. My brother almost decided to stop altogether, but she was willing to lower the dose and ease him into it. Last time he was on Folfiri and erbitux. It whipped his butt and put him in the hospital (3 times in a month). I now hired a nurse to check on him on the off week to make sure he's doing okay. Since he is Intellectually disabled, he forgets to tell me if he's having any issues, so having someone go there to take his vitals and check on him (I'm not a nurse, so he needs a professional) is a necessity. I check on him several times a week, but it's not enough if I'm not capable of checking his vitals. Keep your fingers crossed.


PS I hope the Oxi, Xeloda and Avastin kick its butt. :)

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4 is a pretty cool number.  Not too shabby!!!  Please enjoy, I know it has been an uphill battle.

Cathleen Mary
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Wow!  Four years with stage IV is worth celebrating. Go girl!  You have beat the odds before and can again.  Your spunk is great :) When you are weary of this cancer journey, imagine us all behind you pushing you up the hill. You are very important to this forum and we are rooting for you.



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Congrats on 4 years and wishing you many more.

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My 4 year "anniversary" is tomorrow.  You've been through a lot more than I have with this fight.  Good luck with your current treatment.

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You are such a fighter Marie. You inspire us all. Keep defying the odds.

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there is only one way to go and that is forward, I am so rooting for you.

enjoy every single day, often in my thoughts and always in my nightly prayers ,

many hugs, Marjan


onward is the only way to go, I so believe in positive thinking.

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Nana b
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Four years is remarkable.  You're strong and determined and I know you will pull another rabbit out of a hat.  You always do.  That's a powerful trio and I have no doubt it will do the trick.  You're situation very much inspired Steve.  He was very impressed with all you accomplished throughout your fight.  You're the perfect example of someone who's "living with cancer."  In his case, I guess it just wasn't meant to be.  Congrats on four years!

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For your kind words and encouragement.  I unfortunately had the Oxi, Xeloda and Avastin originally and it worked great, and then a second time when it did not work.  The only hope right now is that these tumors are a result of the 2013 second primary tumor and have yet to be subjected to this chemo combo and that it will work.  That waits to be seen, it will be a long wait in between the blood tests for CEA counts to let us know how it's working.  Begone spots.

Winter Marie

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We are here for you. Sending you positive encouragement and prayers.

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YES. definately BEGONE SPOTS.  You have been a hope for us all, and must continue to be for years to come. GOOD LUCK

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Winter Marie - I'm so sorry you're facing this yet again.  I hope that the chemo cocktail works and kicks butt!  Four years is great and I hope you'll be around for many more.  You're an inspiration to all of us.  Take care, Traci

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I've always admired the strength you've shown in facing down this beast, and being a strong advocate for yourself.  That's not easy.  I really wish the chemo had worked for you, but will continue to keep my fingers crossed that the next one will do the trick.  I've certainly seen others who have had fanastic results on Avastin.  And given that our tumors continue to mutate into new forms as they go along, the fact that one chemo did not work doesn't necessarily mean that a new cocktail won't be effective.

So as you say, onward ho!

Big hugs from me to you~AA

Brenda Bricco
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 Me and Mary will keep you in our prayers.

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Nana b
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I hea myself in your post....I hope the switch helps....I'll be returning to the front shortly to see if I can go some more too. Best Wishes!


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Glad to see you, sorry we're both a bit on the scr@wed side of things at the moment, hoping we get on the NOT scr@wed side of things really soon.

Think of you daily!

Winter Marie

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Wow, i have recently been told i am stage 1v too and although i asked not to be told how long i have left i guessed about 18 months. You have given me some hope that i may get more time if i keep fighting. I have only had 3 chemos and am struggling already but i know i have to keep on. You have done brilliantly and i hope and pray the chemo works again and you get lots more time.


Sue x

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