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Hearing test

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I went for a hearing test this week. I've been deaf in my right ear since rad and not full hearing in my left. results were the right ear doesn't equalise pressure,there no reading at all, and normal loss of high sound in the left ear which is due to my age. I can't get or don't need a deaf aid because they feel I can get my hearing back once the swelling and liquid in the middle ear goes away. This again is a legacy of rads.

I also had results of video swallowing, again it's thought to be due to rads and they gave me excersises to do. The liquid goes as far as the tube that the food/liquid goes down but the muscle isn't grabbing it to make it go down. I need to build up the swallowing muscles. I have to hold my tongue between my teeth and swallow. Swallow and hold. Lie on my back and lift my head to look at my feet. I was told to do this ages ago but didn't do them so I'm paying the price now. I make sure  I do them now hope it's not too late. I put this entry in for anyone who ignores advise on excersises, it's for your own good however pointless it sounds

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bad girl Smile (just kidding).....there have been plenty of folks on here who had a lot of difficulty swallowing after radiation.....but once the rad damage starts to go away....and as long as you practice your exercises, I'm sure it's not too late.  Besides, you have a lot of motivation there to start eating again.....I'll bet by now, even an Ensure down the gullet would be a pleasure.


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