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Eggs diet post treatment

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Hello everyone.

I've been almost 3 months out of treatment for NPC.  I've been craving for eggs every morning.  I have 3 sunny side eggs along with a slice of bread every morning...seems my body is craving protein and calories.  Now I was told by family member that eating eggs everyday is bad for me.  I've been eating the eggs every morning is because they are one of the few food that I can actually taste and swallow. 

Does anyone out there has an opinion on the safety of eating eggs every day?



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jim and i
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I think you are probably ok and the craving will pass eventually. My mother has an egg every morning. She has been eating them everyday for a few years. She is 83 and pretty spry. I say, eat what you can to get the calories until you find your new normal

Blessings, Debbie


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Everyone has a friend or family member that has opinions on what is or is not good for you.

An opinion like that from someone that hasn't went through what you have, while may or may not have merit, isn't considering the big picture. At this time in your recovery, you eat what you can, when you can.

Even if eggs weren't good for you everyday, the time for them to do damage, compared to you not eating anything, or much is minimal..., in my opinion.

Some people need to walk a mile in our shoes, your shoes.

Eggs like anything have concerns depending on what group of people that you talk to... Cholestrol, is the main concern... But your body actually produces more cholestral that in eggs.

Anyways, most studies show you would probably have to eat two or more eggs a day for several years before seeing the effects of the cholestral.., more than likely your taste for them will slack way before that.


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D Lewis
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Whole eggs are the perfect food!  After treatment, eggs and milk were just about the only things I could eat, for almost six months.  Also butter... so much butter!  Your body has taken a tremendous hit from the treatment regime we all must go through. It needs to heal.  You need the protein and the fats that come from these foods to heal your body. You need the whole nutrition that comes from eggs. Enjoy them without guilt.

Deb - who is eating more veggies now, but still loving my eggs.

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Eat as many eggs as you want and can get down the gullet. Unless you have some specific condition that is aggravated by eggs, eat eggs and eggs and more eggs. They are a great source of protein which your body needs desparately right now to rebuild all the damange done by treatment.

Oh - and don't forget to cook them eggs in plenty of butter and make sure to butter that toast too!

Enjoy and get well,


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PM, my opinion is now us the time to eat whatever you can tolerate.  Eggs are a great source of nutrition with lots of protein.   Enjoy them and don't think twice about it as as you csn handle more foods and textures you can start worrying about getting more balance in your diet.  

For now enjoy every bite!


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I ate eggs nearly everyday I was in treatment....that was for 6 months.....and my arteries are just fine.....my grandpa ate two eggs every morning for breakfast for 70 years, he died of old age.....relax.


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Thank you everyone.  Yes, exactly as how I felt...people who are not going through the process do not understand the fine line that we walk through.  They don't understand about the difficulty of swallowing due to dry mouth, swallowing muscle not working properly, no taste, and lack of nutrition due to no appetitie.  When a food that we can actually taste and swallow come along, it is like finding a hidden treasure.  I do agree with the notion that in the short term, the eggs won't do any damage but in the long term if kept eating it for years down the road, then it may be an issue.  But for now, the body needs what it can get to be back to "normal" then a healthy balance diet can be considered.

Glad to hear of your favorable experiences.

Thank you all.



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You eat anything (and as much of it) you want.

Outsiders don’t get it and hopefully never will.  This is one of the easy “things” to let slide.

Enjoy your eggs!


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please  enjoy  your eggs. One of the foods I can enjoy.  Sure sounds good to me! I like mine scrambled. :)

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YOu should be eating four eggs a day, not three......

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I could not get enough of it after treatment, perhaps there is more to the simple egg than we know. You are making me hungry!

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and don't ever stop feeding the squirrels, stay warm my friend!

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I likr mine soft boiled with lots ofsaltand some chocolate milk. I'm waiting for the go-ahead to test my new esophagus with more than water. So, please eat my eggs until then


(I am back in the hospital with an infection in my stoma this is the third night )

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lornal, damn!  that's not suppose to happen.  with cancer tho, if it can happen, it will.  praying the docs get it taken care of and you get home quick.  let us know when u get to go home.


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Hi Lornal,

Sorry to hear of the infection in your stoma.  I usually have three eggs for breakfast but this morning I had four...one extra for you.


Hope you are recovering well.

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Eggs were my one of my go to foods during tx. Any which way, I could always count on eating eggs when nothing else sounded good. Go for it!

Lorna, sending my best for a quick resolution to the infection.


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