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Marginal Zone Lymphoma

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Hello, my mother at 90 is finally at the stage of her marginal sone lymphoma that symptoms needed addressing. She has finished her four weeks ( once a week) of rituxin and her platelets are still low. How long does it take for the rituxin and steroids to impact the bodys making and keeping healthy platelets ?  Thanks


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 I don't have a solid answer for you, but a quick call to your dear mothers clinic might be a good idea. My blood counts didn't drop and I never required shots to boost counts, but my cancer was different than your moms. I have Follicular NHL and finished all treatments a year ago this month. She is older than most also, so it may take a little longer..I am 63. Hopefully someone with more information will jump in and help you out. I'll add your mom to my prayer list.

Best wishes...Sue

(Follicular NHL-stg3-grd2-typA-Dx 6/10-age 63.

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