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Chef Daddy Mike

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I got to talk to Mike yesterday; he was just getting out of the hospital once again this time it was because of his heart. Somehow the radiation treatment has affected the heart and causing it not pump normal. Please just keep him in prayer; he has been through hell in the last few years.


God Bless you all

Tim Hondo

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You are a good friend.  Thank you for keeping us updated on Mike, he has gone through so much.  Hopefully they can get the heart issue taken care of.  Prayers for him and his daughter.

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thank you for keeping us informed about mike, tim.  he and his daughter are always in my thots and prayers.  please let them know we are thinking of them.

God bless you,


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Prayers and positive MOJO for a full and speedy recovery.

Thanks Tim for the update.


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jim and i
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Thanks Tim for keeping us posted on Mike. Prayers for healing.



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Well wishes and good mojo from me.

I went back through the threads a few years and read much about Mike, he has been through a lot.  Also, I see he was being treated in Portland (my back yard) and wondered if he was still in this area.


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Matt, I sent you a message.

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 Yes he is still in Portland from what I understand; He and his children were under child protection services so I was not to give out any info on him. I am not sure if that is still the situation or not but will ask when I contact him again. I am no longer able to talk on a phone because it is so hard for someone to understand what I am saying. So Mike and I text each other now to stay in contact, he is a very nice guy, just had one bad problem after another and they will not stop. Thanks for caring and will get to you.


God Bless

Tim Hondo


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