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support is so important

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Just another note of gratitude for the support from my fellow survivors. You really make a difference in my life and what I am facing. I check back often. Every response gives me encouragement to move forward.

Love, light and good health to you all.


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good morning, Vicki.  the encouragment we find here helps us all.  fighting cancer is a very hard battle but with support from loved ones, friends and our CSN family makes it a little easier.  I love this site and know it has helped so many people thru tx and recovery.  we are here for you throughout your journey so come here often and for whatever reason you have, ask questions, vent, provide info, encourage, give an update on your status, whatever you are feeling at that minute.  stay strong in the fight and know that we are on the sidelines cheering for you, go Vicki, go Vicki!!

God bless you and keep you strong,


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Well said. This is a wonderful group of people full of support.

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You're right about support and this group. They have helped me in wasy they don't even know.

May your tomorrow always be better than today.


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