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Saw Oncologist Today- update

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Today we saw Oncologist for two lesions seen on CT scan.

Plan for this week: PET scan and MRI with contrast. Waiting for appointments. He's trying to push them through insurance faster as "urgent".  He wants them done this week. Thankful for that. 

I have a history of anxiety disorder (severe) including  panic attacks and agoraphobia which adds to my stress, although I've been doing much better these days.

One step at a time. Get through each scan. Checking brain with MRI (open MRI) and lower body with PET scan for problems. If any found in lower body (having back and leg pain..another story), biopsy will be done there, before before brain. Assuming all same cause/ type.

If cancer in brain, radiation treatment. No mention of chemo...yet.

Cried most of afternoon as shock wore off. 

Now trying to focus on the goal. One step at a time.

My oncologist is well known as one of the best around here.. good for me.

Good thoughts and energy welcome.  :)



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"One step at a time.....one day at a time....live in this day, tomorrow will be here soon enough".....that's the way to do this!! 

Sending you a ton of good thoughts and energy.....and prayers......and tucking you into my pocket.  You'll be in good company, Candi and Lorna are in there already.

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You have mega good thoughts and energy from me.

I have my Lorazapam for when the anxiety gets the better of me, it helps and I never feel like I am on anything.

I am still sitting in the “nothing is serious” section of the H&N arena.  I am glad you are getting right in, but I am praying this is nothing to alter your healing progress.

Take good care Vicki.


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Thank you..really. 

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This became imperative for my husband and I when he was diagnosed.  Just the word "cancer" is enough to send anyone into horrible fear and anxiety.   Baby steps!  Know that this site will always be here for you and there is no silly questions!

Lots of prayers and positive thoughts coming your way!

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Vicki, I'm sending all the positive thoughts and energy that I can muster your way.   Good luck with everything.



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We know you can, we know you can.....

Keep pushing, moving forward, stay positive... You'll get through, and the expereince will make it all worth while...

Thoughts & Prayers,


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Just what I needed to hear! 

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