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new here...possible brain cancer

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hello I am from the head and neck cancer group. I was told today that I have two areas in left side of my brain according to a CT scan that are highly suspicious to be cancer.

 I am a year and a half survivor of tongue cancer.

 We are now facing PET scan and MRI this week. I have anxiety disorder with panic attacks so this is very difficult. Although I have been doing much better lately.

 This whole idea more cancer is very scary.

 Any feedback on surviving this would be very much appreciated.

 After the scans we meet and decide what's next... possibly biopsy. Oncologist is concerned with spread to bones because of lower back pain. Which we thought was caused by some other things.

 I know we need more information but this is a scary point right now.

 I'm wondering how hard radiation therapy and chemo (if necessary) ifor brain cancer is?

It was horrible for my tongue cancer and lymph node treatment... Especially the weeks after radiation ended. Mostly the burns inside, I think. And fatigue.

 I am hoping that since I made it through past treatment, I CAN DO this. I couldn't eat and was in horrible pain in my mouth and throat last time.

 I have no intention of giving up, just don't know how I'm going to get through the steps I need to go through. Yes, I remember ... One day at a time.



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Hi Vicki,

There are many kinds of brain cancer, and some give you a good chance of survival. I had CNS lymphoma and was treated with high dose chemo. I have now been free from visible cancer for 1 1/2 years. All you can do is listen to the doctors and do your best to follow their advice and keep your spirits up. Good luck to you!




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Looks like we currently have a similar situation, unfortunately. I have asked similar questions because brain surgery scares the living daylights out of me, especially followed by Whole Brain Radiotherapy. Have you considered/ had time to consider alternative treatment?

After much research I have asked my oncologist to refer me to a Gamma Knife Centre here in the uk. It appears to be a viable treatnment option. Of course, a Neurosurgeon will quote the "standard treatment programme" and say that the best way forward with curative intent is indeed surgery. I read that Gamma Knife has 95-98% success rate in dealing with brain metastasis, but that this happens over a period of time. The Gamma Knife traetment is intended to control the tumour, kill the cells and prevent growth,, may take several months, but the way I'm feeling that seems a better risk than open surgery with all its potential pitfalls. Just hope I'm right.

See my post Brain metastasis from head and neck.

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Waiting in hospital now for surgery today.

Tumor is fluid filled. Causing much weakness and dizziness.

Procedure to drain and remove part. Follow up with radiation to area.

Cyst not close to brain. Near surface behind left ear. 

Surgery about 1 hour long.

Nervous but can't wait to feel better. Bed bound almost a month now.

Good luck to you.


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