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How was your first official day of retirement?




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Well Jo Jo..pretty normal Monday here... tomorrow I have two Dr appointments..  But there will be no stress trying to get to a Dr and work.. will be a leisure day... get up early... drive an hour... get a small poke... meet with the Hemitologiest..  meet with a new Dr after... most like get a big poke,  have a bite of lunch.. visit some pals in the afternoon..


I guess so far no big deal...!!

But thanks for asking..!!!  Actually just love seeing your smiling face...! Wink



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Hope you find your retirement filled with hope, fun, and times for relaxation!! May you be able to handle all challenges and lessons ahead. New Beginnings~

Just know that folks like me, are home too and close enough to support you!

Warmly, Jan

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Gordon Charles
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There's a whole lot of poking goin' on. 

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