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well all done

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Well I guess it's over except for the healing.They cut from ear to ear and down my chine. removed teeth as they said would be destryored in radation.So far everthing is healing good. They have a trach in and driving me nuts can't talk .They said maybe today will remove the ballon in it. took alittle over 1/2 of tounge and graphed muscle from thigh.Ww as 12 hr operation.They are looking to send me out of here over the weekend and will go to rehab to get strengh back.They are showing me slowly how to clean trach but hate when I choke some but need to.Just glad they keep saying how everything looking..

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Your through the major part of treatment, you,ll heal quickly now. Hope you have chalk and blackboard for communication.The scarring fades quite quickly. I used bio-oil on my scars and e45 on radiated neck. Hope your not in too much pain. it's a horrendous op but you recover quickly. Their will be a break now between treatments, let those nurses spoil you and relax....

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Sorry don't know why the photo appeared it's one of my sister and her doll club in Florida! she's second to left....magic ...I have no idea what I touched to make this pic appear

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glad to hear you made it through and are healing

i had a2 hour surgery on 1/16, and didnt leave the hopital until the 28th  (and i went in the 12th)  went through 3 pens and countless notepads

i have always had a fear of drowning.  now they say i have to sometimes sqirt saline down my trach.  i am proof positve that anyone can do it - if i can.  it does get easier - and the relief is so worth it.  i was home 5 days before i used it on sunday   but, ive used it 3 times


hang in there.  is your trach permanent?

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Glad you cleared the surgery and starting on the road to recovery. Sounds like you are doing very well so far. Hang in there. Don

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the surgery is over, stay in the hospital as long as they'll keep you, get some pampering ~~do exactly what your team tells you, it's hard, but you can do it!!  Yea!

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very glad the surgery is now over and you are healing well.  be patient and don't try to overdue.  i hope you are able to talk soon as i know from experience that it is very frustrating not being able to talk.  hang in there and keep us posted of your progress.  heal on!!

God bless you,


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Happy your surgery is behind you. Hoping your trach is temporary. I had one following surgery but was able to have it removed before I went home (2 weeks) I didn't do too good with it. Once removed, seemed like it healed over in just a day or two. My sister-in-law is a nurse and thought to get me a small dry erase board at the dollar store which came in very handy.  Prayers for a speedy and uneventful recovery.


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Wow, that sounds like quite an extensive operation.  How are they managing your pain?  Do not know if you can walk around the ward or if you are hooked up to things, but if you have a pole and can safely get up and walk that will help you get your strength back.  Take it easy, you will be out and about soon enough.


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61, congratulations on having the surgery behind you.  Sending all the positive vibes and energy that I can muster your way for a speedy and full recovery!



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That was a quite a big step.  I hope you heal well and quickly.


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That is good news. If you were like me, I was never knocked out that long before (7:25 AM until 9:15PM) and it seemed like a long time once I woke, it just felt different than other times. Glad to hear you doing so well. Get up move around and heal on.


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was lucky not sure how out went in around 7:30am and they woke ever hr for two days to suck the stuff out of the tach.Right now thats what it the pain dealing with that.Of coarse cheeks are 3x the size but will go down in time.Doctor in today and very happy and they pulled the 3 drain tubes and wants me to start walking.Not really sure abut rehab but may need to go learn about sucking the trach tube with choking myself.Bbut just glad able to take these tiny steps frward.

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Glad to hear you're doing good. Suckshion of the trach takes some getting use to. You put it down until you gag then start the suckshion. Never got use to it, but it has to be done. I keep a flashlight, mirror, and tissue by me at all times just to clean the mucus or get out a plug. I used the "DryBoard" instead of paper to write. It just was faster for me. Please take care and have a speedy recovery. It does get better.....



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Wow man I am happy to hear you are doing so well, just watch and don't over do it, that was always my problem. Baby steps one at a time and little by little things will start to come back, the body is an amazing machine in how it heals itself.  


Believe all things are possible

Tim Hondo

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jim and i
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So happy all went well. Praying for a speedy recovery.



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just found they have a pc here in rehab.Have done all thier tests anf won't need any PT .Have my first doctor's Appointment Friday.Feeling stronger everyday.Am hoping when I go to doctor they will remove the trach.It will be the 15th day after surgey.They haven't had suction for almost two day and very little mucus coming up when I cough so hope that is a good sign and he will can take it out and send me home.Didn't know till I talked with mu brother it was a 14hr surgey to remove almost 1/2 tounge teeth left sdie limph nobe and remove muscle from thigh to rebuild tounge.

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