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Prayers and good wishes for Craig aka Sundanceh - updated 9:40 pm eastern

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Craig's wife shared that he made it thru his surgery on Thursday pretty well.

However he is experiencing a very rapid heart rate now and tests have not determined the cause.

Please send prayers, good vibes and wishes to our favorite Texan writer.

Marie who loves kitties


Update:  Latest news is that he is much improved and anxious to get sprung from the hospital.

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Same thing happened to my brother after his last surgery. They still don't know why it happened. He was temporarily placed on a medication to slow it down. It worked and then  a few weeks later he was taken off the medication. Now his heart rate is normal.


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Peace. ~ Cynthia

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I am so sorry to hear about the heart thing.  Hopefully it is just part of the healing process.  You got thru the surgery, now get thru this part.  Wishing you and Kim peace, love and healing.

Love ya both - Tina

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Wishing Craig comfort and energy to heal.  

My heart did the exact same thing after all of my surgeries with no explanation.  It was fine after I was released.  In my case I feel it may have been from the several antibiotics I was given.  

Well wishes!!

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Hope they can find the cause of his rapid heart rate and I'm glad he made it through surgery ok.  Speedy recovery.


Fight for my love
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Prayers are on the way.Hope the heartbeating gets back to normal soon and a speedy recovery.

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Good that things have slowed down.  Craig you remain in my prayers.  I know you will be home soon.




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So you are desperate to get out of the hospital!!! I heard you were even "eating" the clear liquids in hopes of getting the heck put of there.  Proud of you!

Keep up the good work, get healthy, get out of there, and get writing again.  Miss ya.

Love and hugs,

Winter Marie

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Hey Craig,

So glad to hear that the operation went well. :)  I sure that you'll be out of there and back into your own bed in no time. 

Best wishes always,


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I'm praying for you. I hope to hear of your progress over this latest hurdle soon.

Sending you lots of Light, Love, and Positive Energy.



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I can understand why you want to get out of the hospital asap.  Please take it easy and give yourself time to recover.

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Get your bad self out of that joint ASAP!

Lots o' love~AA

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Wishing for a quick recovery,and a good trip home.I will keep the prayers going.

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Zach always HATED his hosptial stays and wanted to get home quickly. Hoping that you are about to do just that!

Prayers and good thoughts headed your way!


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The fact he is itching to get out is a very good sign.

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oh Craig I an sending all best wishes and prayers....hope you get sprung soon and start some healing from this surgery......best love, mags

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Get home and well soon. You are missed here!

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So good that you are on the mend.  Hugs for a brighter future.


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We are sending our thoughts and prayers for Craig to have a speedy recovery!


I like to read his positive posts!

Best Always,  mike

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Sending hugs & a big pair of boots to get back to kicking cancer's a$$ again.



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Update:  Latest news is that he is much improved and anxious to get sprung from the hospital.


Excellent News!


Wishing you light and love today! And continued success on your recovery!


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Does anyone know if Craig is out of the hospital yet.

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