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February Check In....

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Glad to be done
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Good Morning EveryoneLaughing and Happy February 1st...  Oh my lord, where did January go??? How is everyone doing?  Monika how is your daughter feeling?

I met with my new oncologist on Monday.  He is a gem..  Love him.  When I left NY my onc told me I could see her twice a year and my gyno twice a year.  He said since I am seeing a doc every 3 months anyway he wants to see me.  He said he likes to keep a good watch on his patients.

Funny thing is he knows of my doctor.  He is very good friends with a doctor that is in her group and the Senior Partner in the group.   How strange is that.....

My exam went great.  He said it was picture perfect and my CA level was 6.4  (Sorry to my FB friends that already saw this)......

We are off to a Chinease New Year party in Maine.  The host is an outstanding cook and we can't wait.  They used to own a chinease restaurant before they retired..... 

Have a great day All...

Love and Prayers to All





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It's so nice to wake up to such lovely news. Your trip to Maine sounds delicious!

                                                             (((((HUGS)))))   Maria

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kimberly sue 63
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great news!! Kim

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Congrats on the new ONC and low CA125. Keep it up down!

Chinese New Year Party sounds delicios. There is a chain of Chinese buffets "Mandarin" around here, this time of year they have dumplings and white crab legs festival; you post made me want to go there tonight and stuff my face.

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I love Chinese food! There is a great one in Canada..called Happy Jacks. Now I want Chinese food!..lol. Glad January is behind us....happy Valentines Day...chocolate...flowers..kisses....good health to all ....val

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 I am also from Maine and was wondering where you doctor is located. My doctor is in Scarborough .. Dr. Jason LaChance.    I was curious because the doctor you described sounds like him...

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Glad to be done
Posts: 569
Joined: Jul 2012

Hi Vanessamood.  I don't live in Maine I was going up to Maine for the day for a party.  I live in North Hampton NH and my doctor is in Portsmouth NH.  Where in Maine are you?   i don't know if you remember Pam who used to be in this group but her and I are talking about getting together for lunch - meeting in Portland..  What do you think?


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That's great news about your CA 125!  We love Chinese food too.  We are so sad though that our favorite Chinese restaurant near our house closed its doors this week.  Fatigued from running a business for many years, the owners decided to retire.  We'll have to look around for a new place to hang out at.





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  I live in Rockport, Maine and usually only come to Portland when I have a doctors appointment or passing through. I do remember Pam. She has the same doctor. Have not heard from her for a long time. How is she doing?  Glad you are doing well.

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Thank you for sharing!  And thank you so much for asking about my daugther. She is doing well, except for the Doxicycline (antibiotic) that she has to take for a while - makes her a little dizzy and gives her loss of appetite, but she's almost done.  However, we are still waiting for pathology results - will post when we get them.

Enoy that New Year celebration!  I could sure go for some almond boneless chicken right now!  We have a particular restaurant that really makes the best, been going there since 1973!

Have a great time!



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Hearty Pioneer
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Sunday, February 2. I am watching the Super Bowl with my family and dear friends. Go Seahawks!

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Hearty Pioneer
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Had a great time with friends and family watching the Seahawks win! Even shared game events with a friend in Japan through Facebook. My husband said he has been waiting since 1976 for a Seahawk Super Bowl win.  We had cioppino soup and Seattle sourdough bread sticks and Skittles. Such a fun time!

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Val I haven't been to Happy Jacks in years ,I might have to get my enhanced license just to go there. 


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Great news...keep it up!

I'm here and doing well (for today)!!!



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