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Anyone with a similar story? Small swollen node after cellulitis.

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I was diagnosed with HPV+ metastatic SSC of the right tonsil with several lymph nodes involved on the right and a negligible amount on the left Jan 2013. I had two rounds of chemo with three weeks off in between and then 33 rad treatments w/ chemo. I finished the end of May and had a clean CT in August. I'm scheduled for PET/CT in two weeks.

The second week of January 2014 I came down with cellulitis in my neck and had to have IV antibiotics in the hospital for four days and then ten days of oral anitbiotics at home. During my hospital stay I noticed a swollen lymph node towards the back of neck, but given the obvious infection running through my body I wrote it off. Now three weeks later and after all my antibiotics the painless node, though tiny, is still there. It is nowhere near the size of my lymph nodes before, but it is there.

Now I have all the paranoia of recurrence. Has anyone had this happen to them?


Thanks for any responses!

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klb1990, I never had any cellulitus.   Probably something you should get checked out.   


Good luck


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Welcome to CSN. Great place with great folks and lots of first hand information and tips.

All of us manage the fear of recurrence in different ways. Given this just happened and you have a full PET/CT in two weeks, you can be happy this is all set up and really nothing more to do except wait. Of course, waiting is a drag too and needs to be managed but you have experience with that as you have been through the whole treatment process in the past year.

Between the scans and seeing the docs they will have your answer soon. Hang in there, Don

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Welcome to the H&N forum, so sorry that you find yourself here.

I would think that the swelling of the lymph node is part of the cellulitis and that the regiment of medicine taken to date is still working.  After all, you mentioned the cellulitis starting or receiving treatment for during the second week of January.

Your 3 month CT was good and you are having a PET/CT soon, if you want ask to bump up your nest scan ASAP or at least discuss your concerns with your doctor.

I would expect everything to work out in your favor and then you can fill us in on your H&N results (if you want to).

Best to you,


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