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Doesn't seem like much...

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I know it might seem like much to anyone, but if you're stage 3 emphysema and a neck breather it is.  I blew up a balloon today. Kinda felt like a little kid at Christmas. Thats all just had to share..Laughing


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It is a “big deal” in H&N circles.


Eating real food, being able to taste again.

Going somewhere without a water bottle, not having to sip water every 10 minutes/

Being able to swallow, talk, breathe, cough, sneeze normally.

Enjoying the new-normal.

While your situation is different than mine, I now have more compassion and a better understanding on the path(s) we each must follow.


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Posts: 1792
Joined: Jan 2014

Thank you Matt for all your kind words. Some days I also feel sad as I read how hard it is for everyone to have to go through radiation and chemo and I was lucky and didn't have to. Like you said we all have similar but differant roads to go. I am having some problems when I eat and caugh then gag then loose  all of what I just ate. I just try to dwell on the good days and everyone here has helped in ways they don't even know.

Thank you all 


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I agree with Matt.  It is a big deal to blow up a balloon, or blow out candles or spit!  I can't do any of these things along with whistle.

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That's wonderful, and it is a BIG deal! Congrats! Cool


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wmc, that is GREAT!!  I would give anything if I could just blow my nose again.  I can't blow out a candle, whistle, or anything else so I really appreciate all you can do, u r my hero.

God bless you,


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Posts: 1792
Joined: Jan 2014

I'm sorry. With a TEP you can blow your nose. It's not great but it helps when the backpressure shoots food the wrong way and it goes up. Once in awhile I put a tube in my stoma and the other end in my mouth..... and I can breathe through my nose..  It looks nuts and I don't let my family see it, but it lets me remember what it was like. It helps me fight the battle. 

Thanks for being there.


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WMC, fantastic news!  Next step is blowing up a bunch of balloons for a party to celebrate!   Big step and great news...



josh r.
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Hi wmc,

As your friends above have stated this IS headline news! We all celebrate with you. Listen to your breathing and heart beat. josh r.

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From eating something solid..........................to blowing up balloons!!  YEAH wmc!!!


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Joined: Jan 2014

It's funny what I took for granted and "Normal" last year means so much to me now to beable to do. Next week I am going to the beach and see if I can walk on the sand. The ristance of the sand has keeped me from doing it because of my emphysema. Not I think I might be able to because of breathing through my neck I get more air. If I can't it's OK too. I will have to use oxygen to do that then I will. The fight is keeping me going.

Thank you so much.



PS:  Thank you all for your support in my fight as a Cancer suvisior and Laryngectomy.  Your all GREAT

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LOL, just teasing..., that's great...

Like others, milestones to us are totally different than what "normal" people believe...

Always Abi-Normal,


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Joined: Jan 2014

It was a 12" blown to 8" and I did it the first time just to see if I could. Then on a video for my Brother, then at work for a coworker for their Birthday. They though it was special as well. It said Happy Birthday.

I see life differant now but I think better, I enjoy every day more than I did before the cancer. It' just good to be alive and have such great support.



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I can finally blow out a candle but don't know if a ballon will ever be a possibility again. 

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