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Great news. still alive.

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Today's pet scan showed liver and spleen met and a little growth in lung mets.

It's over a year since my clear pet which was the result from German therapies.

Alas none who have followed have lived, that includes non csn colorectals. 

but the therapies work for some and then for a time.

About 20% get long term remission. That's my goal.


So I am back to Germany for more of the same alt therapies that do use a dash of chemo here and there. Like ipt and tace. I am going to try gcmaf goliec direct injection into tumors and lymph nodes. As well as dendritic cell vaccines. 


What have I learned ? Well lots. If I get long term remission I'll write the book.

I have encouraged others to explore alternatives if that suites you. I still do.

I have seen enough success to know this is the future of cancer treatment.


God bless us all. I am still working towards ketogenic diet and meditation and yoga. For these help but have not been enough.


The silver lining of recurrence 3 is I know more about myself. My health and my immune function. They might even be able to get a fresh piece of liver tumor to use in the vaccine. This will be a very long and expensive one way trip to Germany. 

Failure is not an option, as I will never give up exploring my healing potential which means our immune system.



P's just because I am convinced in conventional limits does not mean i pray it saves each and everyone who uses it. As often it's all we got.

 If you are also interested in extreme lifestyle and breakthrough therapies feel free to pm me



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What a great will to fight. Keep it up Pete. BTW dendritic cell vaccine is in trials here (DCVax) as well as three other promising immunotherapies (Hu5F9 jx-594, MPDL-3280A).

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Great to hear that you are still moving along this cancer journey. 

You certainly have a wonderful positive attitude which shines through in your posts. 

Good luck with this trip to Germany.

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Nana b
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Keep on pressing, we are hearing awaiting your great news.  


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so great to hear from you Pete. I have followed your chosen path with much interest. Sorry to read of the reoccurrence. Our immune system is precious the more we learn the better.

please keep me posted on your journey.

hugs and good luck, Marjan 


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Sorry to hear that your scan and bloodwork (from your blog) are showing increased activity.

You mention you are going "one way" to Germany.  Are you planning on a perm. move? 

Have you and your German doctors mapped out a plan?

Wishing you better health.

Marie who loves kitties

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i asked and spoke with radiologist who has done all my pet scans, he has followed the therapies with interest. been doing pets every 6 months.

he told me about spleen and liver mets new and lung met growth. i could not get a copy of the report yet, but have cd. i have to wait to monday to get reports and do emails to germany.

so nothing to email yet. i already had these appointments booked 2 months ago and they will do.

I have vaccine booked 16th feb gamma delta liekly

I have tace booked 18th feb dr vogel, who almost fried our dear ren. but i like a doctor that will take the treatment to the limits.

28th feb lung surgery prof rolle doing mets each lung lobe using low power lazer.

Its a long shot but i am on a waiting list here for surgery rfa liver, and lung mets but i think spleen might snooker that, been on the list 4 months.

sticking to therapies i am familiar with, to minise time, money and stress. will look at other options if needed. 

i may goback to hallwang for removab and i may goto new clinic in switerland for gcmaf.

a long remission would be nice but i am grateful for my painfree health and the clinical options i have before me.


i see the onc here on tuesday and i might even do a chemo folfox just for old times sake

the one way to germany is i dont want kids or anyone to watch me die on morphin here. I'll come home in remission again or as ashes.

my neighbour had his dog put down, the dog even had cancer. i wondered why i can get the same courtesy here if it comes to that, and thats the reality if what i am trying does not work.






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Sorry to hear about your scan,but I'm glad that you are still fighting.Good luck on your treatments.Keep up the good attitude,and I will keep praying for you.

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I hope the treatments you have planned will have good results.

Stay strong~AA

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This is great news! It sounds like you are living life to the fullest!

Praying that you are of that 20%!


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Yesterday 9am onc then avastin. Oxalis and dex.

Today 8am hipec surgeon. The new 15mm liver met  on surface maybe peritoneal.

Other new met near spleen also peritoneal. No old sites recurred.

We Suspect port infection oct2013 the trigger for immune dysfunction. 

Ordered ultrasound and chest abdominal pelvis ct.  Did these today with thin slice lung data. Likely I am on one month hipec list in Sydney.  Then agreed to rfa both lung mets and do hipec. This is planned but likely two months out.

So again I dash to Europe to start gamma delta 16feb

18 Feb tace Vogel

26 Feb lung mets prof role 2nd els hospital a week per lobe

17 March gcmaf clinic.

I still have hallway clinic as a viable option but some conflict last time between dc and removab. 

9.30am onc2 go to Germany.  He is on panel to allocate hipec patients.

4th alt doc. Estrogen way high. Fixing it. Dhea very low. 25mg mornings.

Also shbg way high. Need more exercise.

20 mg melatonin nights.

If your interested in my progress see my blog.

Best to everyone whatever we try.

If you want to pray or send good vibes feel free but not to me but my immune system. I live or die based on white cell response.

The chemo was to take out immune suppression. It's the mix it up strategy.

Time will tell.

Very very busy day. For me metastatic survival is relentless, when I deviate I get a big warning like now.

No rest for the wicked they say.

I learned today keto diet cytotoxic for certain tumors types. Likely not mine. Can only test this Germany. 






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Whew Pete I got tired just reading you schedule. I think your relentless determination is too strong for the cancer to overcome. Keep fighting brother. BTW you are always in my prayers.

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Hey, Pete. Glad you're still kickin'


this is what I'm expecting to see from you, of all people!   http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9244884/The_first_3D_printed_organ_a_liver_is_expected_in_2014



KarinTongue Out

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Glad your kickin.

In Singapore en route Geneva. 

Karen many are doing dc and gcmaf and tace.  

Big hugs.


P's still dreaming of remission my way.

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Hey Pete


love your positivity ,lots of good wishes your way

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We are sending our thoughts and prayers for you Pete!   Keep up the good fight against the Dragon we all call cancer.


Best Always,  mike

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I need them.

I got some challenging news today. Prof ruggiero the gcmaf yogurts guru is an expert cancer radiologist.

He found lesions on my thyroid.  Joy of joys.

Lucky I like challenges. I had to sign a non disclosure which I understand but was frustrating my desire to share therapy secrets.

Anyway I feel great and the treatment plan is evolving.

One day soon every cancer patient will sit down and activate there immune system. 

It takes 5 minutes and it's immediate. If this combo of therapies works I will be overjoyed and I will focus on  thyroid. 

My best wishes for us all.


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thanks for sharing your experience with us. wonder if you should also try something like resveratrol and curmeric, they are antioxidant and have some anti-cancer properties. 

looking forward to hearing more from you. keep fighting!


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I thought about you today Pete, glad you are pushing for NED.  Keep fighting back!

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