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I need your help please - Words of Inspiration Needed

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I come from the breast cancer forum, dx at the age of 32.

I want to reach out to all of you because I'm working on a project for my aunt, who was diagnosed with AML (leukemia) at the age of 46. She means a lot to me because she has been like a mother to me. She is having a hard time with support and health care. There is no support in the Dominican Republic and she needs to hear positive words. So I thought I could collect words of inspiration from several cancer patients so she gets inspired everyday. It looks like her treatments will go on for 2 years, sadly. Her cancer is in the bone marrow. Prayers are welcomed for her recovery.

Please, post something inspirational from your experience below this post. I will be translating all these messages and create a scrapbook for her. I think all cancers bring up similar emotions and fears.

Thank you so much for your help.

Her name is Rosis.



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What a wonderful idea you have to help your aunt.  I don't know if you've tried this yet, but if you go to google images and plug in the words something like - inspiring quotes, inspiring images, etc. I think you'll come up with lots of material to share with her.  I have said this before:   it is SO VERY IMPORTANT to keep a positive attitude, DE-stress your life and live the best life you can.  Enjoy the nature that surrounds us, and try to find the beauty in everything.  I wish the very best for both you and your aunt.  Keep in touch.  xoxo

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Thank you bbe! I am glad you are doing well.


Lizzie -- I tried to pick up your note but it's now gone. :(

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Rosis, He will be with you, I promise. I never knew what faith was until I went through this myself. It's getting up when you feel broken, believing this will come to an end and there will be good things in store again. 


Blessing to you, 



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I was diagnosed with leukemia (CML) in Oct 1996, 17 years ago. I could never express how thankful I am for all my blessing. I have had a lot of hard times over the years but I still continued to praise God. No matter what happens God deserves the highest praise. Hallelujah.


Keep the faith!!!

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A few weeks ago my 70 yr old husband was diagnosed with ALL. He just started induction treatment after the doctor told him he had a 60 to 70 % chance of going into remission after the 1st treatment and if so he will continue treatment for 2 years. We have put our faith in God and take one day at a time. We appreciate every moment that we have together and live in the moment. Tell your aunt to hang in there, that she is not alone and that you will be by her side all the way. You are a very good niece and obviously she a very good aunt. Wishing you both courage and strenght during this ordeal.

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