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I am recently diagnosed (3 months) with adenocarcinoma with tumors in both shoulder muscles, right lung, hip, knee, etc etc. obviously metasticized. I have had a week of radiation and am having chemo everY 3 weeks. I know no one really wants to say but I'm a planner and can't wrap my head arowhat how to prepare. Should I be preparing for a year or hopefully another 10??


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    Nobody knows.  I would suggest you also pose that question on the inspire web site.  There are a lot of stage IV surviovrs there and they will respond to you.  This is a good site but not as much traffic.  I wish you well. Lori.  


    One question is have you been tested for mutations in the cancer to see what best chemo to use to get rid of the cancer, in otherwords targeted therapy.

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    In 2010, I was told I had ten

    In 2010, I was told I had ten maybe 15 mos WITH treatment.   I went out and paid for my funeral expenss, planned the funeral, took care of my Durable and Medical Powers of Attorny, my will, etc.  I am still divesting myself of useable stuff but am pretty well set.   

    With all of that death and dying stuff taken care of and out of my way I have nothing else to obsess about and can focus all my energies on living.  

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    Like DennyCee said:

    Plan as though you had mere weeks left (i.e. get the essentials out of the way), then forget about all that stuff and go out and live. With an advanced LC diagnosis, actually planning on another ten years is like planning on winning the lottery: not a prudent course. But somebody has to win, so you go into it with the attitude that you could be, and are willing to be, that person.

    (Dx April 2010 NSCLC Adeno IIIB inoperable, and still here to talk about it!)