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Where to get meals on wheels for my mom when local chapter will not be of help

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Patty Banzhof
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Wondering what to do when the local meals on wheels will not be of any assistance to my mom; they said they will put her on a waiting list, and when someone drops off this list, she'll be called.  I live in PA, she lives in Elkton, MD.  For the meantime, I'll just make meals ahead of time, so she can microwave them, but, there's got to be some other way.  Anyone in a similar situation?  She has ovarian ca with mets to brain. 

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but you might try her local Senior Citizens Center and American Cancer Society.  Put her on the list for Wheels on Wheels.  In many areas they are stressed with meeting the need, mostly lack of drivers.  Our local senior center has fabulous lunches and the cost is very minimal.  Maybe yours has the same thing and they may have a service that could bring her meals or help you find something.  

Take care - Tina

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Our local Meals on Wheels, when they can't deliver gives people frozen dinners. They just need to reheat them. (It is better than the store stuff.)  I'd check and see if you could buy those - here they are $5.


PS: I make meals ahead of time too BUT it is because I work some long hours and getting home at 7 is too late to cook.

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