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my cervical dilemma

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Here it is: im 31 yrs old. Always had abnormal paps and - for hvp. 2 weeks ago, I had asc-h n + hvp 18 show up on my pap. Elevated Atypical lymphs showed up on my blood work this past Oct that I just got the results about a month ago in the mail. I wasnt sick in October. So can HPV 18 elevate atypical lymphs or could this be a sign that I have cervical cancer which spread to the lymph nodes? Could I have always had HPV 18 since I've always had ad normal paps despite the test being - ? Does HPV 18 lay dormant and reoccur? Can HPV 18 be cured if the infected source is removed or is it always in the body? I am having a biopsy done on Feb 13. . Im scared that it may be cancer since I started having prolong vag bleeding of 14 days or more. This is exteremly odd for me. Any thoughts r appreciated

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But just take it at a step at a time.  Do not get ahead of yourself, see what it is.  Make sure you are with a doctor you are comfortable with and who is selfless to turn you over to another doctor who may be better to help you if you need it.  They will help to make a plan.

Take a breath, let them find out what is going on, and let us know what your next step is then. 

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What specialist(s) are you seeing for your abnormal pap smear results? Atypical cells don't neccessarily mean cancerous cells. Your doctor can fill you in on what your results mean. HPV can stay with us throughout our lifetime. 80% of women will shed the virus within the first 2 years of exposure. Even if we shed the virus, we can be re-exposed to the virus.

i find that I make a list of questions for my doctor before I visit him. It keeps me focused and I don't forget the questions that are on my mind. Good luck and hang in there.

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Make sure that you continue to follow up on this with your gyn.  If things progress they will probably refer you to a gyn/onc who specializes in gyn cancers.  For the HPV, it can lay dormant and recurr as an active infection again.  You will test negative for HPV if the virus is not active, even though it may be laying dormant.  Tricky little virus.  Good luck.  Keep us updated.  Hugs.

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there is no rrelationship between the two.  The word "atypical" just means unusual looking.  In "ASCUS" it refers to cervix.  In the blood, it refers to the lymphocytes, without comment upon the origin.  There is no relationship between the two.  Atypical  lymphocytes are VERY common, oftentimes during and following a simple viral illness,  like a cold.


best to you

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