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Man it’s Cold in Lafayette

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I don’t know about you but this Cajun boy is not use to this kind of cold weather. I been locked in for two days now, everything is ice and no one is moving. I don’t like cold; I need 80 / 85 degree weather in order to operate. Just glad to morrow forecast is showing it in the 60 hard to believe it is freezing one day and summer the next, what crazy weather we are having this year.


Keep warm everyone


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Stay inside and keep warm.  Layer those clothes.  We are still waiting for winter in California.  Trees are starting to bud and my neighbor's daffodils have already bloomed!  We had a cold week in Dec. no rain, well that means no fog either!

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Hello Hondo,

This is not meant to brag on our weather, but a comparison in the drop in temperatures.  We are also going through a cold spell.  Our temperature has been dropping to under 60 degrees at night.  Yesterday was the first time this winter that I wore long pants all day long. 

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We only had 2 1/2 inches of snow yesterday but we are snowed and iced in.  People  are doing nothing but complaining.  Personally I find it funny because I remember snow jam in 1982 when Atlanta was really hit hard and it took me over 4 hours to get home in want is generally a 30-45 minute drive depending on traffic.  Of course, the very cold weather yesterday and today isn't helping at all.  You know the weather person never gets it right so authorities tend to wait and see what is going to happen and when it started yesterday it was fast.  Very pretty since I didn't have to go anywhere.

I just glad that we have no emergency on our street as we are on a hill and it is a dead-in street and you can't get up or down the hill right now.  In fact we can't get down our driveway at this moment either.  It is starting to melt but no one will be able to get out tomorrow morning either because the temperature will drop low again tonight and freeze all the side streets along with the expressways.

Stay warm and before you know it, we will be complaining about how hot it is.


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I can't imagine the temps so crazy everywhere !  We in Mn. know we can expect cold....but the up's and down's others are experiencing are insane !  It's above 20 here, and feels like spring time compared to the -'s we've had.  Won't last though, back down tomorrow already.  Everyone stay safe and warm.  Katie

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When it gets cold in Lafayette, the cold people head to the Triple X Diner for breakfast.  It's on the Diners', Drive-Ins & Dives approved list.  Be sure to order the CSN Special.



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Atlanta poloticians are looking and acting stupid. I'm not at all happy with this winter. We are set to break record colds and snowfall with plenty of winter left.  Another 9 inches by Saturday. It's Lunacy to live here!

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Ice is everywhere here and I stupidly thought I would walk down the driveway when it looked as though it had melted.  It was mostly clear and a couple of spots looked like water, well there was ice underneath, so I fell hard.  Hit the concrete driveway on my back, hit my head, weight went on my left wrist and elbow.  I guess it is good I have lost weight from the treatments as there was less pressure on my joints when I fell.  My ego is bruised as is my back, wrist and elbow, but other than that all is well.  Think I will stay in tomorrow as it is refreezing tonight!

You keep warm Hondo.  We have to wait until Sunday for the 60's to come back,


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PJ, that's awful!!  i hope you are ok, with falls you usually don't now the extent of the pain/trouble until the 2nd or 3rd day.  You said your alright, i hope it stays that way and time doesn't make it worse.  we've had ice under the snow as well so i've been exceptionally careful when i go out.  was kinda warm today so much melted but we're supposed to get more snow next week, ughhhh!  take care and be careful.


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jim and i
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I am with you friend. We are having 80s this weekend. I told Jim tonight that we better not complain about the heat in August. LOL






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