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Roseann Rosannadanna

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For you SNL fans of way back, "If it's not one thing, it's another."  I'm back to a waiting game, again.  My PC received the results of my last CT, which found a polyp in my stomach.  I see the PC on Friday to discuss all the fun we'll have doing a gastroscopy and a colonoscopy.  The tests aren't bad, it's the exciting time during the prep and the starvation diet that goes with it.

Don't know who I want to win the Superbowl.  Used to be a big Bronco's fan, and like Peyton.  But on this side of the Cascades, Seattle is kind of the local team, and a family friend from long ago submitted the name Seahawks, which was picked for that expansion football team.

As you see, life goes on.


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Just another bump in the road, huh, Donna?

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Gordon Charles
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Gilda also played Emily Litella, the cranky, hard of hearing old lady... when she found out things weren't as bad as she thought, her reply was always: "Never mind."  Here's hoping your results will produce the same response.

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Well, one thing I have learned about you, Donna, is you are one tough chick. It will not be fun but we are cheering for a good result.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane - loved Gilda - ESPECIALLY Roseanne Rosendanna.




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