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Pink Bus for my Daughter

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Katherine is having her routine second mammogram on Friday.  Please send prayers, well wishes, good vibes, whatever you have!  She is 31 now and I am a little nervous as I was 33 when diagnosed and I had 2 sisters also diagnosed at a young age.  Her wedding is in April and we want happy news!!!!

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Posts: 4014
Joined: Oct 2009

P.S. Those are my sisters who have also had breast cancer in the photo!  They are doing well and I am doing well for Stage 4. :-)

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Praying for good results for your daughter.  We know how strong the power of pink prayer can be.

You and your sister are 3 beautiful ladies!


Hugs, Debi

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I'm sending you and your daughter all of the above. Love Surf

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Glad she s being proactive with the mammograms. That wedding is coming up quickly now!. Prayers for a happy, healthy wedding for all of you. Great picture of you with your sisters, you all look good. Hugs and prayers, Carol

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I will be on the bus with lots of good thoughts and prayers for your daugther.






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praying the chain of disease is broken~no more cancer~I am certain that your daughter thinks you are her hero! May strength and peace go with her!


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I will be on the bus on Friday.  I would not miss it!  I pray she will get a perfect report so her focus will go right back to that wonderful wedding day that is approaching.  


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Double Whammy
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I'm coming too, but really, Eileen, do you think she's "up" for all of us?

Wishing her the best results.  Must be a worry with the family history.


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Oh, please, let's have happy results.



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I am sending PIXIE dust...



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Will send prayers and positive thoughts for a normal mammogram.

Best to you and especially your daughter on Friday.



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PINK Bus gassed up -- and ready to GO!  Positive thoughts, prayers and HOPE for Dear Katherine and her mammo! 

I can not imagine what you are going thru as a Mom -  Gentle hugs my dear Friend ..


Vicki Sam


New Flower
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Positive thoughts are coming your daughter way


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all loaded and ready to go

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I been thinking about Katherine - continued positive thoughts, and prayers for all.


Strength, Courage and HOPE for a Cure.

Vicki Sam

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Christmas Girl
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Certainly hoping the mammo went well.

Kind regards, Susan

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She is in our thoughts and prayers. God how I hate this disease. I causes soo much pain and heartache. God bless



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