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open partial nephrectomy bloat?

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I have read quite a few posts and some horor stories and all that but to be honest I am tired, and finally decided to just post my issue and see what help I can get.

I had open partial nephrectomy removed part on the right side. after reading I feel lucky to only have a 9 inch incision site.  This was done back on Jan 8th so I guess 20 days agao.  I do not have any real pain at this point.  What I do have is a bloated preasurized something where my belly / abdomen used to be.  Doc said it was normal but offered no way to help this go away, nor how long it would take for it to go away.  This thing infront of me still makes noises that make me think that a kracken is about to be released.  It makes moving an effort.  I understand the part that is numb, I mean they cut the nerves and all that.  But again no indication of how long that will last either.  

So can some one please shine any light on how long my abdomen will feel like there is something up in there?  or how long the numbness will last i would be every so greatful.  A light at the end of this tunnel to look forward to would help me so much.


Thank you


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Sorry about the bloating , but it will be around for a while. The swelling and bloating may take 6 months to a year to return to normal. Do raise any concern to your doctors though as sometimes other issues do arise as well.




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That long... wow.  it does shift abit but when I am standing it all at the to for the most part.  Feels like I am carrying a bowling ball in there.

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My father had an issue when they took some lymph nodes.  They were sort of spilling some kind of fat inside his belly.  The doctors didn't really believe him at first about what was going on.  He needed to go on almost a 0 fat diet.  Eventually it healed. It was lyphodema or something like that. I would reseach that and see if that may be happening.

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I had an open partial nephrectomy nine months ago.  At twenty days I remember feeling horribly bloated and when walking it felt like I was carrying a twenty pound baby in there.  I still have some bloat issues at this stage, but only on days when I am doing a lot of walking or on my feet a lot.  I still have a bulge on that side, but it varies in size.  The numbness in the abdomen resolved a couple of months ago, and the numbness down the leg has improved but is not totally gone yet.  I experienced some nerve pain and sensitivity at about the three to four month mark as the nerves were coming awake.  I recently had an ultrasound along the incision site and was surprised that the pressure of the ultrasound wand cause some soreness in that area, so I would say the healing is not yet complete.  It gets better, and there is always that lovely, attractive scar to make up interesting stories about.

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First... Absolutely everyone thinks that they can get back to themselves in an unreasonable time. Everybody is then surprised at the fatigue aspect. They never expect the long duration tiredness. Daily naps become commonplace. Often feeling good, then just having to crash for an hour or so. This will last to some degree for a year. This is because you will never be the same again. Especially after full nephrectomy. The neurology and physiology has to adapt. Old normal was the old you. New normal takes time and repetion. But it generally becomes the new normal. As we have changed  getting older,it is the same. It just doesn't happen in one afternoon. Nephrectomy is major surgery on an important organ.

The bulge is not uncommon. It has been discussed frequently. It can be simply swelling, and or muscle weakness from being damaged. There can be a herniation from weak suturing or from a tear from overdoing it too soon. Some bulges remain. Most improve. My incision is about 8-9 inches long from just below my sternum, diagonally down toward my left hip. I was very careful in my transfers  and activity after surgery. It improved and as my pain improved I got more active. I returned to running and playing golf in about a month. I regularly do my situps and have no weakness in those muscles. I guess the surgeon lined things up well upon clousure.

Bloating could be from weakness as the muscles aren't providing support to you innards. It can also be like a referred sensation from the procedure and bloated is how it feels to you. Be patient. Recovery takes longer than everyone thinks.

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Wow have you hit my nail on the head.  Of course I also have narcolepsy so daily naps are normal but the call to nap had been stronger.  This bloat is still a killier. I am ok with it taking time.  I just needed hope that this had some kind of end in sight.   Thank you for your reply.

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Skagway Jack
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9 Inch incision on the right from under sternum to right side.  My nephrectomy was in October 2013.  I started swimming in November, and have continued to do so since.  I started running again about 2 weeks ago.  I still have some numbness, occasional back pain after long days, but overall I dont really think about it that much.  Some of the looks I get from folks at the pool are a bit amusing though!  My suture was mostly even when the staples were removed, but it is a bit uneven now. Good luck.

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The scar down my right side I don't care much about... I mean chicks did scars right .. :)  thank you for your reply again it is the hope that this has an end that I needed.

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I had a partial right nephrectomy in November. I had robotic surgery but my belly is still so bloated after 4 months , it's better but I still nap on command .. no a choice as I will fall asleep where ever I am abf I am not on any meds my incisions and itchy red and raised. I have 5 plus my drain site for my JP drain it's all healed but I'm having discomfort now.    Ugh. Maybe just s bad week.  But I am struggling and I have always been an active person. 

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