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Topotecan Drug

Has anyone else started up on this drug for their ovarian cancer treatment?  I will start it today.  The carbo/taxol didn't work.  The cancer has spread to my spine, liver so I will start up today on Topotecan.

If you have started up on this please let me know if it's the same in side effects as carbo/taxol.  How long did you take it.  Since my cancer is fast growing and all over the place no radiation will be used on me.  But I worry about what IF this drug doesn't work either.  Where do I go from there.  I don't want to die. 

Thank you for your help in this!




  • ccfighter
    ccfighter Member Posts: 476
    it is good to see you


    it is good to see you post on here again.  I hope the last year has treated you well.  I am sorry that your cancer has spread again.  Did the carbo/taxol work to eliminate your lung tumor?

    i have not had topotecan, but from what I have read I think that it is usually a little easier than the taxol.  Will they be giving you that with carboplatin or cisplatin as well?

    your strength is an inspiration.  I hope that you are feeling well.  Hugs.