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My Best Friend

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One of the hardest things to do it to put something you love to sleep. My Pit Bull Harley was almost 14 years old and had a lot of old age problems. This week she got to where she could not walk and was in a lot of pain and sick. My son and I knew it was time but just did not have the heart, last night we all kissed her good-by and then brought her to the Vet. She knew what we were doing as she looked at us but gently laid there as they gave her the shot and we said out last good-by. This all brought back memories of when I had to put my black lab Nena to sleep. I pray that in the Earth made new that God will give me back my pets to enjoy a world where there will be no more old age, sickness, or death.


God Bless you all

Tim Hondo

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So sorry to hear.  Our pets are family members and when they leave us we mourn then just like we would mourn anyone else in our family.  As our vet told us when we had to let go of our german shephards last year, they lived to a ripe old age for a dog and that they did this because we took good care of them.  So know too that your took great care of your friend and family member.



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I feel your pain brother...., one of the hardest things ever losing a fur friend.


Thoughts & Prayers,


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The hardest promise we make when we take in a pet, is the commitment to not let them suffer.  That when the time comes, through tears and broken hearts, we will let them go to where there is no pain.  Hugs to you....and RIP Harley....


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I understand the pain of the loss.  They are a giant part of the family aren't they ?  I would like to think someday we will be reunited after this life.  Hugs sent !  Katie

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Hondo, so sorry for your loss. Your post brought tears to my eyes. I don't know what to say.

Mark S.

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So sorry for your loss. I know what a big hole it leaves in your heart.



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She may be gone but she lives in our pictures & memories


God Bless

Tim Hondo


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Tim, I'm so sorry to hear about Harley.  I lost my first (and best) dog 6 years ago but the pain of that loss still hurts.  I loved her with all my heart and when we had to put her down, it was the worst feeling in the world.  after watching me become more and more depressed over the next several months, my husband surprised me and bought me another cocker spaniel.  My first one, Honey, was blonde and this one, Sara, is black.  I love sara very much but she isn't the dog that Honey was.  Honey was better behaved and much better with people, but like I said, i also love sara (she's just as spoiled as Honey was).  Anyway, my point is I know your pain and I'm sorry you must feel that.  I'm sure that Harley isn't sick any more tho and hopefully, we get to see them again when its our turn.  take care friend.

God bless  you, Tim and family,


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It truly is one of the hardest things to have to do. But, as hard as it is, there comes the time that it is the "right" and most kind thing to do. Hang on to all of your good memories. We had to put our shepherd Fritz down four years ago now, and it still brings a tear to my eye when I think about him...


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jim and i
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Amen to that.



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as I drove Rusty around, in our old pick-up, we visited all the places he loved to run and roam..even, the farm, where he got in trouble, and landed at the dog pound for 3 hours, for trying to flush rabbits out of their cage, we stopped at the dairy bar for a cone and then on to the vet. As we neared the vet's, Rusty scooted over in the seat, right up against me. The tears, and the pain, almost more than I could bear...but, the kidneys had shut done ..I stood by him and held his paw and kissed his nose as he drifted off to sleep forever....oh yes, I feel your pain!


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