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Hrt and endometrial thickness question

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Hi Ladies, I'm 53 and postmenopausal.  LMD was March 2012.  I've been on hrt for about 1.5 years.  It's been fine then in December I started spotting.  This went on for 3-4 weeks on and off.  Then stopped for 3 weeks and last week started up again.  Had an TVUS that showed the endo stripe was 8.12mm.  Gyno said it was borderline and wanted me to come back in 5-6 weeks for an office visit to discuss next step (grrrrr....).   I scheduled a visit with a gyno/onc (tomorrow).  I don't think it's cancer but find it strange that there was nothing for 16 months and then the spotting started, no changes in dosage, and I'm very compliant.   I should also mention that I have an extremely retroverted uterus causing significant stenosis so the last time I had a D&C, gyn was not able to get a good sample.  Question is:  anyone been on hrt this long and then spotted?  Also I find conflicting reports on what is acceptable for the endo thickness when on hrt.  Any clarifications?  Thanks :).  Ruffy

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But meeting with a gyn/onc tells me you are on target!  You are your own advocate so go in there get 'em girl! 

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I was on Prempro (estrogen and progesterone) and spotted.  I was about your age.  Endo stripe was 5 mm and they did a biopsy because it was borderline and I had had no bleeding at all while on Prempro.  Biopsy was negative, but was told to dc Prempro which I did.  I went on to have regular periods then until age 57 when they finally stopped.  My dx of uterine cancer was made at age 62 after endometrial cells on Pap smear were noted and ultrasound showed stripe at 9 mm.  I think estrogen can stop being our friend no matter how we get it and as the population is ageing and living longer, we're learning more and more about its benefits as well as its risks.  Good job in scheduling an appointment with gyn/onc!  I'd feel better having a gyn/onc tell me there's nothing to worry about and I hope that's what s/he tells you.

Oh, I was told that anything over 5 mm. if one is postmenopausal is cause for further investigation. 


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Well I saw the gyn/onc today and she said that due to the extreme retroversion of the uterus, a biopsy, heteroscopy, and even D&C wouldn't be successful but we still needed to find out about the endo stripe, so I'm due for a hysterectomy mid Feb.  Suzanne, she agreed that the endo stripe should be 4mm or less.  Actually, I'm relieved.  Tired of going through all this and wondering if they got enough or if something was missed.  She said I would likely spot again if we didn't do anything.  Also was concerned that the spotting started up after so long of not having anything.   Thanks for your responses and support :).   

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