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Heart beat in chest advice?

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Had a lumpectomy almost 3 years ago, then chemo and radiation. Just this month started to feel what feels like a pulsating in the area of the lumpectomy site. That is way up by my sternum, like almost at 12 o'clock. WHAT is it? SCARY! It can be at any time, even when I am just sitting or lying down.

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I suggest you call primary doctor and get an appointment to discuss this. 

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It's best to find out what it is for sure, and if it's nothing, finding that out from him can give you peace of mind. 

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Hi - I hope you were able to resolve this. I suspect it is due to scar tissue and radiation. My breast felt this way for over a year, shooting pains from time to time. It was driving me insane! I have heard that for some people it can last longer. I would not be too worried but I would contact the Dr. to make sure all is OK and it is just part of your healing process, which apparently may take longer than others. This too can be normal.


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Please update us when possible.

Vicki Sam

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