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What to expect from chemo

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i am new to this board and new to this disease. i found out on Dec 11, 2013 that my pap had cancer cells and it's been a whirlwind since. I had a ct scan that showed growths in my omentum so I had it removed along with all my female parts on Jan 6. I'm still recovering from this and we are trying to set up my chemo. I am waiting to hear if I will be involved in a clinical trial with Avistin and a new PARP inhibitor. Until then, it's just waiting. 

I have so many questions about what to expect with chemo. I'll be on carbo and taxol and maybe the 2 additions. I have kids at home so am trying to keep positive for them.  I know everyone is different but I would like to prepare them (and me) as much as possible. Any chemo advice will be greatly appreciated.



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Hello, Michelle --

Sorry to hear of your diagnosis. I feel like a "newbie" myself, tho it's been more than 18 months since my diagnosis of primary peritoneal cancer, Stage IIIc or IV depending on whom you talk to.

Your doctors will no doubt tell you that everyone reacts somewhat differently to chemo. I know some people have had tough times, but I've been relatively lucky so far. On carbo/taxol, initially I felt a little nauseous 24-72 hrs after. Otherwise, few bad side effects other than neuropathy in feet & hands. After about 3 months my chemo schedule was cut back slightly, & the neuropathy improved. Had my last carbo/taxol about 8 months ago, & I still have occasional traces of neuropathy.

Also last year, May--Dec., Avastin was added to my program. This ultra-expensive drug did basically nothing for me, at a billed cost of $192,000, except to give me extreme sinus congestion. I finished Avastin in Dec.; still have the sinus congestion.

If you read thru the different posts on this forum, I'm sure you'll find lots more about how people have reacted to chemo. I've blogged about my own cancer journey at www.CaringBridge.org/visit/CaroleSeaton

Good luck! Come back here to let everyone know how you're doing.


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pls read my last post to you on the omentum questions post listed on the blog for the info. Sue

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