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frozen section vs full pathology

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I had a large mass removed from my right ovary. (size of a softball) CA 125 was high at 120

frozen section came back neg while I was in surgery

has anyone had that happen but then had the full pathology came back positive for cancer?

I don't want to put my guard down just yet. 7-10 days to hear the full news.

Please let me know if you have been here too.


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I haven't been in your situation. In my case ovarian cancer was diagnosed from CT scan and CA125 test 4 months before I had surgery. No one told me about any interim frozen section biopsy and the only document I've seen about 2 weeks after surgery was full pathology report showing high grade ovarian adenocarcinoma stage 3C .

Theoretically speaking results of full pathology could be different from frozen section biopsy, otherwise why would they be doing it at all? Easier said than done, but have patience and hope that report comes back negative for cancer.

I wish you best of luck!

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Glad to be done
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My frozen section came back positive.  I had opted for the entire hysterectomy even if the section came back negatiancer ove so she kept working while the waited on the news.  When it came back positive she proceeded to do a butt load of biopsies...  She felt all looked good it had not spread.  They found cancer microscopicaly on 2 of the 27 lymphnodes she removed so I was stage 3 c.

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My situation was different from yours.  Before and during surgery, my gyn-onc surgeon knew he was dealing with ovarian cancer.  The specimens sent to pathology determined the stage (2b) and grade (grade 3/high grade).  Sending lots of prayers your way that your pathology confirms no cancer.  The waiting is the hardest part but try to do your best to focus on other things.

Take care,


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The fact that it came back negative is a good sign but regardless of the final report I would consider a hysterectomy, at least discuss it with your doctor. Ovarian cancer is a deadly disease that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

I was being treated for benign poylps and my instinct told me to have it all out( but I was post-menopausal ) and it was the biggest mistake of my life. Ask your doctor what they would recommend if it was their mother or sister.


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