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G'day, dear Aussies!

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To all our beautiful Sheilas Down Under - Happy Australia Day!!!

Rosamond M
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Thank you for those special wishes. I am writing this on

27th (our date here) and because AustraliaDay   fell on a Sunday,

it is a declared public holiday here today. This means that a lot of

the celebrations carry over to today too. Tomorrow (28th) marks

the beginning of the school terms for 2014 and so ends the major

holiday season of the year. From Christmas until Australia Day is

the time when most people have their annual holidays. It has been

great weather for beach goers but parts of Australia need rain badly

  as it seemshe rainfall is considerably down on previous years. One of

our national poems has the line " I love a sunburnt

country" which explains it well.  

Many thanks again for your usual,kind thoughtfulness,



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Please explain to this Yank the meaning behind Australia Day and how you celebrate it.  I remember from a different thread that you said that you are in great need of rain.  Big portions of California too are rain (and snow) deprived and our Governor has officially declared that we are in a drought.  Northern Cal may get some rain in the next few days, we pray.  Let's hope that the rain gods shower you too with badly needed rain very soon.


Rosamond M
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Australia day (26th January) evolved from a small celebration to a national one over the years. It

celebrates the landing of the first fleet of 11 ships from Britain. The commander of the fleet was Captain

Arthur Phillip and they landed in Sydney Cove which is the present site of Sydney the New South Wales

capital. It is now marked by a public holiday and Australia wide celebrations. Sydney uses the harbour

as the focal point with all sorts of water based activities and the day is closed with a huge fireworks 

display. Every town and city also uses the day to issue citizenship certificates to every foreign person

who has applied for Australian citizenship.

There has always been a little controversy with the Aboriginal people who believe that as they had lived here

for about 5ooo years prior to white settlement  it is not truly the beginning of Australian history,just English

settlement. It is beginning to be more widely accepted now though and this year  the chosen Australian of the

Year was a well- known sportsman who has worked hard to try to prevent racism.

I am in agreement with you about sending some rain to you if you do the same for us!!!!

By the way I have always admired your cat ( he or she) looks extremely happy.

Thank you so much for your interest in our country ,which I do believe shares a lot in common

with your state.

With affection, Rose.  



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Thank you for the information about your beloved country - very interesting!  You are correct about the picture of Mr. Kitty.  He is very happy and very spoiled.  My husband and I are truly his servants!



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