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SIROD - We are thinking about you, please check in when you can ..

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Doris -  You are in my thoughts, and prayers ..  Please let us know how the Maine weather is treating you, as well as how your treatments are going.


Gentle hugs,

Vicki Sam

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Wish that I could send all our snow and rain to CA who really could use it.  We don't need anymore snow or cold but it does seem that will be this coming weeks forecast.

Just finished this cycle of Taxol.  It will be a year at the end of February that I have been doing Taxol.  I complained of pain the last time I saw my oncologist.  He thought he could hear something in my lungs and immediate sent me for a ct scan before my treatment that day.  Proves when they really want to know something, they bump all the others and put you at the head of the line.  He was afraid of pulmonary embolism.  Turns out my ct scan showed stable to the lungs.

This past week, I was suppose to see my oncologist but he was on vacation.  I saw his replacement who I knew from the years when I was originally diagnose and with my first recurrence.  This one often treated me.   I told him the pain exist even when I am bed reading.  He examine me where the pain was located and touching it, it did really hurt.  He isn't sure but thing the cancer spread to those ribs or the rib is rubbing against the pleura and causing pain.

I have 2 weeks off and then I will see my oncologist to see what he thinks.  I already told him that I don't DO BONE SCANS.  All it can tell you that there is a place that is hot but it could be anything and then you go on to the next step.  This isn't for me at my stage of this game.

Thank you for your concern VickiSam.  Otherwise the only problem I have is fatigue.  I am giving in to sleeping later than I use to when I work.  My mother is the same, sister trying to deal with her many, serious medical issues.

Hope everything is find in your world.


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Yes, We do need the rain or snow here in California.  Farmers are praying for rain - any sort of wet would be a change of pace for us.  We are in a drought - Cry   I do hope the snow STOPS .. 


Taxol - Horror -- February will be 1 year - I am so so so PROUD of you - and your perservance- YOU ROCK, Doris.  I cried my way thru 18 cycles. Prayers, positive thoughts and HOPE that the beast has not settled into your ribs. I do hope you find RELIEF, and soon.

Mother and her ongoing health issues is a huge concern for you, and I am positive it weighs on your mind and emotions daily.  I pray mom health stablizes -  I know from dealing with my mother in law, it becomes a daily roller coaster - late night calls, ER visits and health issues. I know you would be with mom, if you HEALTH allowed -. 

Keeping you close to my heart, and in my prayers

Vicki Sam

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For asking and giving us your update

1 year mark sounds unbelivle to achieve, Doris your are a trooper, I hope you are having good days too which brighten your life providing reasons continue your inspirational journey.

i am sorry for the pain. It is my understanding that CT scan with constrast should show any abnormally with ribs. Hopefully your bone scan will revile nothing new. For my case bone scan has not been useful, as it shows only 2 tumor sites instead of 10-12 on PET/CT or CT with contrast. I hope your doctor gave you something for pain. I got a new oral drug Tramadol to control bone pain, see if it can be applicable to you. Good luck with your tests.

we desperately need rain and snow . Our state is under emergency drout situation 

hugs to you

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