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I started taking ibuprobin regularly 2 years ago.  I took about 6 a day which is the maximum dosage.  I took 3 in the morning and 3 at night for back and joint pains.  I'm wondering if this contributed to my condition.  I also in the past few weeks since my "cyst" or whatever it is was discovered I have stopped almost entirely using artificial sweeteners.  I used to only drink diet sodas or sugar-free drink mixes and use sugar-free coffemate every morning. Most of my joint pain is gone since I elimated the artificial sweetners.  I saw something about this circulating on Facebook about aspertame and joint pain and fibromyalgia.  I also went on a short course of steroids prescibed by the orthopedic who ordered the MRI that found my "cyst".  I wonder if any of you have any thoughts regarding the ibuprofin.  I have read that if you take these pain relievers for over 10 years your chance of developing kidney cancer triples!  I only took it for 2 years.  I have gone cold turkey! My plan is to go natural all the way and organic where I can.

That's all for now.Kiss

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CommuterMom you know that ibuprofen is a no no now right!!  I must admit to you I was starting to feel weird a few weeks ago and I had started to use sweeteners so as a test I cut them out and oh my god the difference it has made!!  I am not getting the fuzzy head I had started to get!!!

Eims x

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I have not heard of the connection to kidney cancer but anti inflammatories like ibuprophin are bad for your kidneys.  I took them for an extended period years ago due to herniated discs and my Nephrologist thinks it may have contributed to the kidney disease I have in my one kidney.  Best to stay away from them if you can.


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It is easy to say and difficult to do... stay away from sweets as much as possible.  The fake sugar and high fructose corn sugar is in many packaged foods..  All the chemicals are not good, regardless of Kidney function or lack there of.  Reduce salt intake as well.  Do do take any drugs you do not have to have... drugs basically go through the liver or kidneys... try to reduce the strain on those precious organs...


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I agree it is hard to do.  Tylenol just doen't do the trick.  If you have a healthy kideny, occassional ibuprophin is probably OK, but 6 a day every day could lead to a problem.


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Since losing my left kidney to cancer on Oct. 2, I, too have completely eliminated both ibuprofen and diet drinks from my diet.   I have taken multiple advil each day for probably 15+ years, and drank primarily diet soda -- and I do believe my over-consumption of both contributed to the development of my cancer.   Since I wish to keep the one that remains, I am trying to be VERY nice to it -- drinking much more water (with an occasional regular soda), and taking tylenol for minor aches & pains.  Laughing

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For about 15 years, I took two ibuprophen at bedtime.  After I was diagnosed with RCC, my doctor told me I would never take ibuprophen again.  Did it cause my tumor?  I don't know.  I do know the decades of heavy drinking didn't help.  Like the rest of you I take no ibuprophen and drink no soda of any type.  I have developed a taste for La Croix.

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