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Going in for scans today

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Seems like De Ja Vu. The last time I drove in for an appointment (1-1/2 hour ride) was Jan 2. And I had to battle terrible weather then. Our schools were closed in Marshall today. This morning was -8 degrees.  And the wind is starting to howl.  And my first appointment is at 4pm in Ann Arbbor.  I'm planning to head out in 5 minutes. 

I'll get the following tests today:

- Testicular Ultra Sound (follow-up on testicular cancer in 2011).

- CT of Chest Abdmomen and Pelvis (follow-up on CRC)

- MRI of abdomen, focus on liver (follow-up on CRC)

My last CEA test (on 1/2/14) showed an increase from under 1 to 3.0 and so we are a little concerned about these scans.

But soon (next Thursday) I'll get another CEA and go over the results of all these tests.


I wish these were like school tests...  At least I could study and work hard to get a good grade.  Unfortunately it seems a good grade on these tests is a little harder to get sometimes...


God bless you all!




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I will be praying for positive results.

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Prayer said you get good results Phil!

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Will be thinking about you and hoping for great news.  Looking forward to an update.


Good luck


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I hope that your drive to the hospital and back home is safe.  I was out earlier and the winds had started to cause the snow to drift across the road. You are having a number of tests today; how smart of you to bunch them all together so that you do not have to drive back and forth a great deal fro these appointments.

Fingers crossed until your results at next Thursdays appointment.  Peace. ~ Cynthia



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