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First Anniversary Date

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It is so interesting how on this journey certain dates now take on more meaning. Of course my wife's birthday, my eldest son's and youngest daughter's birthday. Our wedding anniversary. But then a new batch of days: date of diagnosis, start of treatment, ringing the bell, first PET/CT after treatment. And then three months post tx, six months post tx, one year post tx. Only those who have walked this path truly understand the significance and radical shift that such dates have on the fighting few. For those outside this world, they are just dates but for me they bring a rush of emotions from fear to joy, happiness to guilt, dispair to resolve. And so I learn, learn to live during the in between times -- wearing the braclett my daughter made me, eatting the cake my son made for the family, dancing with my wonderful wife in the middle of the living room. Yes certain days have become milestones on this journey of recovery but it is the times in between that I will grasp, hold on to and cherish. There are still many more important dates ahead but for me the most important and significant one is not yesterday or even tomorrow but today! Blessings to all on this journey!


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Very true we learn to appreciate the little things that other just pass by. It is sometime hard and other time easy as we remember where we were a year ago and did not know if we would be here today. Thanksgiving is sometimes hard for me as it was at that time of year in 2002 we first heard the word Cancer, and did not know what to expect. Another one was March 2006 when I was told I had only 6 months to a year at best. I look back on all now and see that God was right there giving me strength to just keep positive and keep my focus on Him.

So Happy Anniversary to you


God Bless


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I know my new anniversary dates better than I know the other ones.....and I'm an old lady who can't hardly remember anything.  They are all milestones....You're doing great!!

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Congratulations on the “post” anniversary and to many more.  You sound like your world was shaken but your priorities are clear.

Keep moving forward.


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Sounds like you have many blessings in your life to be thankful for. You're exactly right with the dates....they all mean something and they all make us stronger people in the end.


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jon, congrats on winning the battle with cancer and for taking your life back.  you sound like you have an awesome perspective on life, continue to enjoy!!

God bless you and your family,


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It is so true that many cancer survivors return from the war with a different outlook on living and enjoying today and being the best you can be today. If only that could be bottled up and given like a flu shot, the world would be a better place. Don

josh r.
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Right on Jon,



As it has been said so many times and in so many ways today IS the only day we really have. Live it well brother. josh r.

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Very well said!


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Well said indeed !  It's amazing on the strenghth and endurance of fellow warriors.  And the amazing ability we all have in finding the good in the bad.  And yes, our outlooks have changed as well as our perceptions of this crazy old world !  Wonderful to hear from you !  Katie

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hello jon

yesterday is gone and tomorrow hasn't arrive. enjoy the day. i am with you. have a good one.

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